The Black Flag!

Above is a photo of the Wiking Jugend or Viking Youth to use the English name. They proudly flew the Volkisch Black Banner as their flag, alongside other symbols such as the Black Eagle and the Odal rune.  They were, until their banning (in Germany at least), a Pan European white nationalist youth movement but were largest in the Netherlands and Germany. Still, they had branches in the UK, France, the Nordic countries and elsewhere. I own a few copies of their publications from the late 1970's and judging by its contents of ecology, folklore, nationalism etc. I would certainly have been a member if I had been old enough at the time!

The Black Flag has always, in Germanic tradition been a flag of Resistance or Widerstand. It was the flag of the Peasants during the Thirty years war and was flown by the nobleman Florian Geyer who sided with the common folk. His name lived on in the 8th SS Cavalry Division of the Waffen SS. No doubt the name of his followers, the 'Black Troop' (named after the flags they carried) also lived on within this unit. It is so, that because so many volkisch and nationalist, as well as rural and agrarian movements, adopted the Black Banner (along with the styling of a white symbol or rune upon the flag) that National Socialist Germany had to limit its use to just the HJ and SS (simply to avoid confusion) - both of whom adopted the Black Banner as their standards. The HJ with a single Sieg rune, and the famous double Sieg runes of the SS. But both these organisations came to be, because of the various Freikorp groups that operated prior to the National Socialist government.  Interestingly - after the fall of NS Germany, those loyal to National Socialist raised yet another Black Banner - the standard of the Werewolf Verband (Freikorps Werewolf).

Whilst today, we see various political movements using the Black Flag we should never let this put us of using it ourselves. Prior to the second world war, leftist movements never used the flag and adopted the red banner as their own. The Red and Black flag used by so-called Antifa etc really has its origins in the Spanish Anarcho-Syndicalist movement, whilst the colours of red and black are used by the far-right in both Ukraine and Belgium. It was not until much later that the left started using the Black Flag, however, tradition had already put the flag firmly amongst the revolutionaries of the rural and nationalist right!

And so it is today that we raise this banner once again! Long have volkisch heathens in England flown that Black Banner, just as our nationalist brothers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland do. It is the flag of the Revolutionary - not the banner of the leftist reactionary!

Left - the Emblem of the various autonomous 'Action Groups'
Blow - 'AktionsGruppe Hesse'

 Throughout the stuttering ascension of civilization, our folk adhered to the Laws of Life, which taught us when to grow in the shimmering love of the sun and when to march to war, waving the blackest banners of death!  -David Lane

Raise the flag of destiny
As black as the wing of a raven,
And change it not, nor raise another
'Till we have a Folkish haven!

from the poem Black Bannered Legion, also by David Lane