Sunday, 3 February 2019

Every now and then I take a look through the statistics pages for this blog and have a look at the traffic sources and most read articles. It seems for a while now folk have been directed to this blog looking for information on the 'Wolf Aged Swastika'.  So I thought I'd see if there was any more I could add to the blog on this. A quick google search bought up all my previous posts plus the image above.

I recognised the Swastika motif on the flag so thought I'd share what I know about it as the subject for this post.

The Swastika in the picture is a very stylised one and is the symbol of the Tajik people - who, back in 2005 declared themselves an Aryan Nation and promoted the swastika as a sign of their Aryan heritage. Tajikistan got its independence (from the collapse of the USSR in 1991).

Tajik swastika

It's quite clear the people who live in the region that they are now mixed. Photos show a range of ethnic groups including Mongoloid and Arab, however its clear from the pictures below some still carry the Aryan genes. The Tajik are closely related to the Persians and speak a form of the Persian language. What is fascinating about their culture is that many holidays are banned. If I recall this is because the country, whilst having a muslim majority is very secular. Some celebrations are permitted only in private, such as birthday celebrations. Other holidays were promoted by the USSR so are shunned today but the one holiday which is openly celebrated is a pagan one - Nowruz, which is the Persian new year and falls on the spring equinox.

 blue eyed Tajik women