Tuesday, 5 February 2019

All good wishes
For our people
For your clan
For your parents
For you!

Alle guten Wünsche
Für unser volk
Für Deine Sippe
Für Deine Eltern
Für Dich!

Above is an example of an SS Allach (the SS porcelain producers) Lebensleuchter. They came in various forms, silver candle holders, wooden life runes or the ornate porcelain ones like above. They were a gift from Himmler to the infants of SS families. On the birth of their first new child, SS parents also received a ribbon and bib made of blue silk, which symbolised the unity of birth, marriage, life and death. Himmler was also the godfather to any child born to an SS family on his own birthday, the 7th October. 

All of the Lebensleuchters carried one important rune - the Lebensrune or Life rune.