Friday, 9 November 2018

the Triple Opfer Rune -


An unusual rune, the Opfer rune lies horizontal - like the fallen soldier. We use this rune to remember the martyrs who died for the cause. On the anvil of sacrifice, the sword of freedom will be forged.

Call their names - for they are still Present!
They march with us- in Spirit within our ranks.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

After writing my previous post a few things crossed my mind. First of all, please read my previous post! After that - please read Wuotan's Krieger's superb article -here

It should be clear to everyone who know me personally and to all of you that regularly read this blog, that I'm a National Socialist and a Heathen.  I believe both are religious and spiritual in their form.  National Socialism (I believe) is inherently a heathen and holistic worldiew. Saying that - I know NS folk who are Odinist, pagan, christian and I even know a  muslim National Socialist.  Regardless of faith - we all believe in a higher cause - have faith in a god or gods, and we all understand that we are not the hate-filled neonazi's the media try to portray us as. 

But in regards to my last post - which pictured the Saxon Irminsul, I remembered how another National Socialist and his girlfriend were also both recently arrested in the UK - the young man a fine artist himself producing wonderful imagery like that below, which will no doubt be used as some kind of 'evidence' of wrongdoing. 

Another Irminsul picture - evidence of hate and illegal membership of a banned group? No! But I've noticed a pattern merging here. When the mentally ill Thomas Mair killed the British MP Jo Cox, the courts were showed pictures of a rune set as proof of his extremist links. As shown above and in the last post - images of the Irminsul and other volkisch and pagan symbols are all being used in the courts as proof of extremism by the prosecutors. 

Whilst it is wholly likely that the courts, the CPS and police have no clue what the signs mean - it seems to me that those who pull the strings DO know what they mean and that the growth of indigenous European religions is a real concern for them. These signs are rooted in our history, our culture and in our Blood. They have the power to awaken primal forces and re-ignite the flame which once burnt within us - and the powers-that-be would rather stop the spread of these symbols before the individual-awake becomes the race that awakes!


Above is a picture of a flag which includes the Irminsul, Black Sun and the Externsteine rock formation (Germany) symbolism.

It's being reported by one UK source -link here- that this is the flag of a 'nazi underground movement' which continued to operate after the banning of National Action.

It's clear that the prosecution (ref. news article) knows nothing about the symbols on this flag - and probably assumes any symbol or sign which references Germanic heritage and culture must be a reference to an extremist worldview.

Far from being the emblem or flag of this new underground movement- the flag has been around from since 2015 - and was once readily available on eBay as well as being sold by others -as seen here.

The original artwork for this design was taken from a DeviantArt account, drawn by HJS back in 2012 - one whole year before National Action was even formed!

We have a right to our culture and heritage - and with that usage of the signs. symbols and emblems which represent those beliefs. The Irminsul, Black Sun and Externsteine are all religious symbols of folkish heathenism - and are all perfectly legal, here in the UK and elsewhere across Europe, including Germany!