Thursday, 12 April 2018

 At the Centre of the Tree, The Black Sun shines, tho' few can see.

You will have no doubt noticed that the Black Sun has now become one of the most dominant Volkisch symbols. This is one of the more complex signs and the particular design used by most volk is the same as the mosaic on the floor of the North Tower at Wewelsburg. The Black Sun is a stylised Sunwheel which we can connect to the Alemannic sunwheel brooches called Zierscheiben.

One 'scientific' view of the Black Sun could be that of a Black Hole. All light is absorbed into the centre from where it cannot escape (symbolised by the reversed Sieg runes) - the inner ring symbolises the 'Event Horizon', finally it has a void at the centre. Many volk see the design as three overlapping and rotating swastikas, which it certainly is - however, I see the design as a 12 armed sunwheel, which radiate out of the sacred centre. Each arm ends with the reversed Sieg rune, for the Black Sun represents the Spiritual Sun and the source of Cosmic Energy. Its light is invisible, a black light that shines inwards. It is within this Black Light, that the Life-force of the universe is created. We also know this as the Green Ray, also called the Green Flash (and is probably why Himmler used green marble for the design at Wewelsburg). As any gardener knows, it is only when a seed is placed within the darkness of the soil that germination begins. And it is within the complete darkness of the Black Sun that the Light of the WrAlda shines brightest. It is the source of Life itself.

The closer our race comes to extinction - the further we fall into the abyss - the more significance this symbol will have for us. The Black Sun is the flame that burns within. May it shine Darker every day!

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