Monday, 23 April 2018

Happy Sigurd's Day to all our English friends!

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It is nonsense like this that has earned the press the label Lügenpresse. Really it's the least they deserve. Today, on the Daily Mail website, two stories posted right next to each other. One claiming that Labour will make St Georges day a holiday, the other saying how much they hate it.  It has been my opinion for many years now, that the role of the press is not to form ideas in its readers that make them either left or right (depending on the paper) but to leave its reader with NO opinion at all! 

Friday, 20 April 2018

if you want to shine like the sun first you have to burn like it.

Adolf Hitler

Monday, 16 April 2018

An excellent article on the Syrian war can be found -here- on the Renegade Tribune website. Please take a look at their site and read it. It is so important that people understand this war is a proxy war and there will be only one winner if Assad is defeated - Israel. The proof will soon come to light for the world to see, because after this war, Iran will be next.  I doubt the UK and US won't stop their illegal involvement into the internal affairs of Middle Eastern countries until all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates flies the Zionist flag of Israel.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

In the more militant orders of Volkisch resistance and Nationalist movements, there rises a new and potent symbol - the half-faced Totenkopf style mask which is being worn. This is a ritual act, which symbolises the wearer has become Death. It is a tribute we pay to the Totenfuhrer - Woden, whom we also call Grim!  It is the very same as the Ulfdenar who donned the wolfskins and the Berserkers who wore the bear furs.

The symbol is an ancient one and its reemergence now represents an archetypal awakening within the minds of European Youth. Over the last few years, nationalist movements have moved away from supporting the idea of a judeo-christian  Europe and are embracing the religions of our forebears - the heathen faiths of Europe. And with this a new tide of runic revival and spiritual practice. No longer is the nationalist cause a push for votes in the ballot box, but the conquest of the Aryan Soul! A greater force now drives us which cannot be found in the political world. For these actions, the UK government has cracked down hard on the dissidents who cross the line and make pushes into the mainstream (even banning and deporting the mildest of right-wingers, whilst embracing the return of openly extremist jihadist).  For folk like myself, a spiritual revival is what is needed to secure the future. 

The awakening of the European Folk Soul is the most important task of our time. And I do see some evidence that this is happening with the youth. Just like the awakening of Wotan in the 1900's - there is an awakening today. The Deaths Head face mask is one of these signs, amongst the many I see around me of this happening. The wearing of such masks is the modern practice of an ancient pagan ritual. Just as our ancestors wore the masks of animals and foliage, a shamanic act that empowered the wearer, the Death Head is linking us with the Wild Hunt - the Army of the Dead - to the Einharier - the spirits of the dead, and to the leader of Hunt, the Totenfuhrer. He is Woden whom we also call Wotan or Odin. He is Grim and he is Death.  The Death Head will always be called a 'Neo-Nazi' symbol by the media and our enemies - but this symbol has an ancient lineage which can be traced back from today - to 1930's Germany - to Prussia - to the Hussars- to the Germanic Mannerbunds - to the pagan tribes - to the Totenfuhrer Woden!

When white youths sport these masks, it is NOT the same as antifa cowards who wish to hide their identities whilst they commit crime. No! They do so to embrace an Odic force. The term Odic or Odic-Force was first coined by  Baron Carl von Reichenbach, and today is used by those who not only follow Odin (Odic derives from Odin) but by those who wish to become like Odin - they become Death themselves! They not only follow Odin but accept his fate and struggle as their own.

I will certainly be adopting these masks into my own ritual use and for blots etc. This I feel will continue an ancient custom and bring me closer to Woden. 

The Totenkopf is the reminder that you shall always be willing to put your self at 
stake for the life of the whole community - Himmler.

 At the Centre of the Tree, The Black Sun shines, tho' few can see.

You will have no doubt noticed that the Black Sun has now become one of the most dominant Volkisch symbols. This is one of the more complex signs and the particular design used by most volk is the same as the mosaic on the floor of the North Tower at Wewelsburg. The Black Sun is a stylised Sunwheel which we can connect to the Alemannic sunwheel brooches called Zierscheiben.

One 'scientific' view of the Black Sun could be that of a Black Hole. All light is absorbed into the centre from where it cannot escape (symbolised by the reversed Sieg runes) - the inner ring symbolises the 'Event Horizon', finally it has a void at the centre. Many volk see the design as three overlapping and rotating swastikas, which it certainly is - however, I see the design as a 12 armed sunwheel, which radiate out of the sacred centre. Each arm ends with the reversed Sieg rune, for the Black Sun represents the Spiritual Sun and the source of Cosmic Energy. Its light is invisible, a black light that shines inwards. It is within this Black Light, that the Life-force of the universe is created. We also know this as the Green Ray, also called the Green Flash (and is probably why Himmler used green marble for the design at Wewelsburg). As any gardener knows, it is only when a seed is placed within the darkness of the soil that germination begins. And it is within the complete darkness of the Black Sun that the Light of the WrAlda shines brightest. It is the source of Life itself.

The closer our race comes to extinction - the further we fall into the abyss - the more significance this symbol will have for us. The Black Sun is the flame that burns within. May it shine Darker every day!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

From 'Servant of the Avatar'

This book was done back in January but for some reason I didn’t share it.
Fairly short but interesting read, under 50 pages.

The development of the German Faith Movement revolved around a number of main themes:

the propagation of the ‘blood and soil’ ideology
the replacement of Christian ceremonies by pagan equivalents; the most favoured pagan deity being the sun, as can be seen from the flag of the faith movement
the rejection of Christian ethics
the cult of Hitler’s personality
the spread of Norse paganism throughout Germany

As far as I know this is the first time this book is appearing in digital form. So enjoy this exclusive release.

please remember to download any pdf's in case these sites are removed