Tuesday, 25 December 2018

...he knows if you've been good or bad...

Hitler once said that no one had done more to preserve Germanic culture as the Brothers Grimm, Wagner...and Santa Claus. And of course, he was right considering how much of Woden~Wodan~Odin has been passed on into Santa's character. In fact, we could make the argument that Santa has a little Thunor~Thor in him too, if we look at his role within the Low Countries and parts of Scandinavia Santa clearly has elements of the Thunder god. Comet and Blitzen - Thunder and Lightning! Plus he's often seen riding the Yule Goat. Santa has kept our pagan traditions alive so enjoy this holiday - the greatest pagan holiday on Earth!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

THIS is the eighth Black Front Press volume to feature the mystical writings of the folkish-heathen organisation, Woden's Folk. On this occasion, the group's well-respected author, orator and visionary, Wulf Ingessunu, presents a collection of material written between 2014 and 2018. The word 'Inglinga' means 'Sons of Ing,' or 'Offspring of Ing,' and pertains to those of the Royal Lines of Sweden that were known as the Ynglingas. In a wider context, Ing himself is interpreted as the 'Divine Ancestor' of the English people. Elsewhere, the text deals with the runic-occult significance of the mysterious signs that point to the revival of the god Woden. In the words of the author himself, "the One-Eyed God laughs, mounts his eight-legged steed and rides once more in the Soul of the Germanic Folk. As his wolves and ravens feed from the dead slain in battle, his chosen warriors are taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla, where they train and feast, die and are resurrected, until the time comes to march out of Valhalla. Led by Woden and Ragnar Lodbrok, they march out to fight the Last Battle against the Joten Armies. Our people shall awaken when the Wild Hunt rides once more and The Terrible One arises in the Germanic Folk." Using etymology, symbolism and comparative religion, this work also discusses mythological archetypes and sacred numerology. Containing a vast wealth of knowledge and insight, from a man who has spent a lifetime studying the secrets of our spiritual heritage, this new volume is sure to attract a great deal of interest.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

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Wintersonnenwende - Julfest - Weihnachten
by Hoffmann, Fritz Hugo

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Volkish - Call of the Blood link, please support this superb site and help spread the word!

Friday, 9 November 2018

the Triple Opfer Rune -


An unusual rune, the Opfer rune lies horizontal - like the fallen soldier. We use this rune to remember the martyrs who died for the cause. On the anvil of sacrifice, the sword of freedom will be forged.

Call their names - for they are still Present!
They march with us- in Spirit within our ranks.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

After writing my previous post a few things crossed my mind. First of all, please read my previous post! After that - please read Wuotan's Krieger's superb article -here

It should be clear to everyone who know me personally and to all of you that regularly read this blog, that I'm a National Socialist and a Heathen.  I believe both are religious and spiritual in their form.  National Socialism (I believe) is inherently a heathen and holistic worldiew. Saying that - I know NS folk who are Odinist, pagan, christian and I even know a  muslim National Socialist.  Regardless of faith - we all believe in a higher cause - have faith in a god or gods, and we all understand that we are not the hate-filled neonazi's the media try to portray us as. 

But in regards to my last post - which pictured the Saxon Irminsul, I remembered how another National Socialist and his girlfriend were also both recently arrested in the UK - the young man a fine artist himself producing wonderful imagery like that below, which will no doubt be used as some kind of 'evidence' of wrongdoing. 

Another Irminsul picture - evidence of hate and illegal membership of a banned group? No! But I've noticed a pattern merging here. When the mentally ill Thomas Mair killed the British MP Jo Cox, the courts were showed pictures of a rune set as proof of his extremist links. As shown above and in the last post - images of the Irminsul and other volkisch and pagan symbols are all being used in the courts as proof of extremism by the prosecutors. 

Whilst it is wholly likely that the courts, the CPS and police have no clue what the signs mean - it seems to me that those who pull the strings DO know what they mean and that the growth of indigenous European religions is a real concern for them. These signs are rooted in our history, our culture and in our Blood. They have the power to awaken primal forces and re-ignite the flame which once burnt within us - and the powers-that-be would rather stop the spread of these symbols before the individual-awake becomes the race that awakes!


Above is a picture of a flag which includes the Irminsul, Black Sun and the Externsteine rock formation (Germany) symbolism.

It's being reported by one UK source -link here- that this is the flag of a 'nazi underground movement' which continued to operate after the banning of National Action.

It's clear that the prosecution (ref. news article) knows nothing about the symbols on this flag - and probably assumes any symbol or sign which references Germanic heritage and culture must be a reference to an extremist worldview.

Far from being the emblem or flag of this new underground movement- the flag has been around from since 2015 - and was once readily available on eBay as well as being sold by others -as seen here.

The original artwork for this design was taken from a DeviantArt account, drawn by HJS back in 2012 - one whole year before National Action was even formed!

We have a right to our culture and heritage - and with that usage of the signs. symbols and emblems which represent those beliefs. The Irminsul, Black Sun and Externsteine are all religious symbols of folkish heathenism - and are all perfectly legal, here in the UK and elsewhere across Europe, including Germany!

Friday, 12 October 2018

THIS striking new volume from Black Front Press examines some of the main figures in the world of Germanic spirituality, including runologists both past and present. Whilst the esoteric origins of the runes themselves are well known, having been revealed in the Hávamál literature of the Poetic Edda, the earliest studies of both runes and their magical qualities were conducted by Johannes Bureus (1568-1652), Olof Rudbeck Sr. (1630-1702), Anders Celsius (1701-1744), Jón Ólafsson (1705-1779) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859). In the early part of the twentieth century, on the other hand, runic theory and practice enjoyed something of a revival and many of the chief protagonists are discussed in this book. In their wake, particularly after the Second World War, came an entirely new generation of runologists that were - and, indeed, still are - scattered across Northern Europe and the Americas. Among the fascinating personages discussed in this volume are Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), Rudolf von Sebottendorf (1875-1945), Peryt Shou (1873-1953), Siegfried Alfred Kummer (1899-1977), Karl Spiesberger (1904-1992), Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), Else Christensen (1913-2005), Nigel Pennick (b.1946), Wulf Ingessunu (b.1947) and Edred Thorsson (b.1953), The contributors include Troy Southgate, Richard Rudgley, Wulf Ingessunu, Wyatt Kaldenberg, Piercarlo Bòrmida, Hamasson, Frater Bellator, N. Leshy Sanghrajkara and Colin S. Lockwood. With a host of great writers and some fantastic topics, not to mention superb cover art by the inimitable Zbigniew Boguslawski, this book promises to be an underground classic


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

There were three men come from the West
Their fortunes for to try,
And these three made a solemn vow:
"John Barleycorn must die."

They plowed, they sowed, they harrowed him in,
Threw clods upon his head,
'Til these three men were satisfied
John Barleycorn was dead.

They let him lie for a long long time,
'Til the rains from heaven did fall,
When little Sir John raised up his head
And so amazed them all.

They let him lie 'til Mid-Summer's Day
When he looked both pale and wan;
Then little Sir John grew a long, long beard
And so became a man.

They hired men with their scythes so sharp
To cut him off at the knee;
They rolled him and tied him around the waist,
Serving him most barbarously.

They hired men with their sharp pitchforks
To prick him to the heart,
But the loader did serve him worse than that,
For he bound him to the cart.

They wheeled him 'round and around the field
'Til they came unto a barn,
And there they made a solemn oath
Concerning John Barleycorn.

They hired men with their crab-tree sticks
To split him skin from bone,
But the miller did serve him worse than that,
For he ground him between two stones.

There's Beer all in the barrel,
And there's brandy in the glass,
And little Sir John in the nut-brown bowl
Proved the strongest man at last.

The huntsman cannot hunt the fox
Nor loudly blow his horn
And the tinker cannot mend his pots
Without John Barleycorn.

Monday, 1 October 2018

The above image is of a t-shirt design, worn by many of those who attended a recent 'Sword and Sheild' music concert in Germany.

At first I thought the image was 'code' - two crossed Wynn runes -  Wynn being the 8th rune, thus 88. But the symbol is far older and is an ancient Saxon Germanic one. Walther Blachetta in his book Das Buch der Deutschen Sinnzeichen (1941) describes the symbol as -  

- die zwei gekreuzten pferdeköpfe sind - das wappenbild germanisch heidnischen glaubens - und bedeuten - die erkenntnis, das man sich selbst, seine familie und sippe,sein volk und damit die wohlbegrundete ordnung dieser welt erhaltdurch ein zeugendes schopfe risches leben.

- the two crossed horses heads - the emblem of Germanic pagan belief means - the knowledge that one gains for himself, his family and kin, his people and thus the well-founded order of this world through a convincing creative life.

Now in the past you'll know I've suggested that this kind of symbol (two crossed horses heads) are symbolic of Hengest and Horsa. However, Blachetta also suggests the Windbetter (windboards - soffits) are symbolic of Wodans 'grey-horse'.

 - zwei windbretter, die in form von pferdeköpfen ausgeschnitten sind, überragen vielfach die giebeleden norddeutscher bauernhauser. Sie sind ein uraltes zeichen aus der Sachsenzeit und werden mit dem Schimmelhengst Wodans in Verindung gebracht. 

  -  two wind boards, cut out in the form of horse heads, often tower over the gabled north German farmhouses. They are an ancient sign from the Saxon era and are associated with Wodans gray stallion.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Kinsmen  -I'll be removing my Sluyterman, Strong Oak Craft and Wehrbauern blog sometime this week - If there are any texts or images you wish to use, please copy them now before they go. The Volkisch runes blog will remain for now.

The reasons for this is first, I have less time to run these now, compared to when I started them. It's also important to get off the computer and get outside! Live outside, not online!!

I'll also be starting a few new projects which are more important at this time.

For the spear of Woden!!

Image result for two men two worldviews

Two men - two Worldviews!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Can't view right-wing videos on (((youtube)))? For our European friends - clicks your icon on the top right hand side of the (((youtube))) screen  -select your location (second option from the bottom) and change to US. This unblocks videos banned in the UK and Europe. Download your favourite videos before they are removed forever!

Youtubers should consider using bitchute as an alternative!

Monday, 10 September 2018

An interesting runic blog -here- 
Please have a look when you've time and show them your support.

Today's the day of a purge on some of the social websites. I noticed the excellent site 'Servant of the Avatar' has disappeared due to this action. In fact I'm questioning whether it is worth continuing with all of my own blogs. I'll keep this blog going for the time being, but I rarely post on my others as I have very little free time (those who know me personally will know why!). Time is the enemy! That is why we need real leaders who amount to Men Against Time!

I am planning a new project and if I do go ahead with it, it will more than likely be an end to this blog. However, over the last several months I am wondering if the internet is really a neutral platform. And why would it be, the vast majority of internet providers are left-leaning at best, openly anti-white at worst.

I've come to see the web just as the image below. The Worldwide WEB. And we are caught in its lies. It's bad enough that the youth of today are addicted to their mobile phones and facebook etc.  However, we still need to reach out to them, and the internet is the best means we have at this time. We must use every tool in our arsenal to fight our battles - Fight them on every front! - which is why I've never had a problem with the so-called armchair warriors, we need tech-savvy folk as much as farmers and warriors. But I think I'm not alone when I say our time on the web is coming to an end. We must find real alternatives to living online, before we're all part of it and that microchip gets implanted under our skin!  We must re-embrace nature. Live outside, not online. Build the folk communities we talk about on our forums. 

This is all food for thought. Others may not agree, which is fine, as these are a reflection of my thoughts and feels rather than facts. It is something we can meditate on and hopefully, we'll see a clearer path ahead.  In the meantime, I'll give plenty of notice if this blog or my others do disappear so you can copy anything from them that you wish to use yourselves. 

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Support Hyperborean Art  in their hour of need!

Raise the flag of destiny
As black as the wing of a raven,
And change it not, nor raise another
'Till we have a Folkish haven.

Above is a section from the poem Black-Bannered Legion by David Lane who understood the importance of the flag as a symbol of Revolt. I also look to the Black Banner as our volkisch flag. The Banner is a war banner and a symbol of open revolt! Black is sacred to the Ario-Hindu goddess Kali, goddess of Death who I have come to see as our own Freya is her role of a Battle-Goddess. Like Freya, Kali is known to ride cats (a tiger) into war.

Throughout history various group who live 'outside' society have used the Black Banner as the bases of their flag. The Mannerbunds, the various Pirate's who used the Black Banner with the Skull and Cross Bones, and the early NS groups of Germany.

Prior to the NSDAP using the Red flag of National-SOCIALISM, there were smaller groups who called themselves National Socialist - one of them being the German Völkisch Freedom Party or Deutschvölkische Freiheitspartei. They later merged and became the National Socialist Freedom Movement who sort to aid those imprisoned during aftermath of the Beer Hall Putsch. The flag of the Deutschvölkische Freiheitsbewegung was the reverse of the commonly known NS flag - 

The Black Banner is such an important symbol of change! And it needs to be raised once more! Ignore the fact that leftists and anarchists have adopted this flag too - for at one level they simply want change too. But this flag is our flag and we will not let them stop us!

Some years ago I designed a flag for a good friend - and I don't think he'll mind if share this flag as a Banner of Germanic Revolt. The Flag was so simple but surprisingly I could not believe it wasn't already in use. I took two of our flags already used by heathens, nationalists and the volkisch and simply combined them - 

bottom - the Banner of Germanic Revolt 

Monday, 3 September 2018

For those of you interested in the Ar Kan Rune Lag I would ask you to please read the latest article from Wulf -here-

Wulf mentions the carving of the Feoh rune on to 'Frodo's Door' by Gandalf. I would like to draw our readers and Wulf to a synchronicity here. Below is a picture White Stone of Ing (*at the bottom is part of an old WF article regarding the stone). The article talks about the carved runes in the middle of the Stone - which itself was used as a step for a doorway into the church at Steyning. However, there is also a 'golden' Feoh rune which appears at the very top of the stone. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show the rune as clearly as I'd like, but it is there! I have visited the stone in person and the rune does not exist, so why should it appear in the picture?

The Mysteries of the Stone of Ing - Wulf Ingessunu.

A Pagan Stone which was used as a step in a Sussex churchyard was uncovered in 1938. Until recently this stone was a mystery, then a Woden's Folk supporter told me of it being in the Church in Steyning, and that it had an Anglo-Saxon Runic carving on it. After some investigation, and visits to the church I discovered that it held a mystery that was unknown up until now. This mystery concerns the Divine Ancestor of the English and the connections of the Stone with the English Tribes of Angeln. The Stone is also connected to the Royal Line of the West Saxons and to King AEthelstan in particular.

The White Stone.

The White Stone is carved with the runes - Gyfu-Ken-Ing - which could be seen as Gift of Ing around the Ken-Rune which can mean Hero or Firebrand and which relates to the Divine Child found in European Mythology. This is emphasised by the name of the area - Steyning - which translates literally as Stone-Ing, hiding its relation to the Holy Stone of Ing. The legend surrounding the Christian "Saint" - Cuthman - has remarkable symbolism that appears to be related to the God Ing, also known as Sceaf, and to Ingvi-Frey of Norse Mythology.

In the very same church porch  is yet another old stone, less ancient than the White Stone but just as important. This is said to be the coffin-lid of King AEthelstan, father of king Alfred the Great. King Alfred ordered a reorganisation of the genealogy of the Royal House of the West Saxons, and added the names Beow, Sceaf and Scyld. Sceaf is also known as Ing.

Around 990 CE a nobleman of Royal descent, Ealdorman AEthelweard, added this note to the altered genealogy,

" This Sceaf came to land in a light Boat, surrounded by weapons, on an island in the ocean which is called Scani. He was indeed a very clever child unknown to the folk of that land. However, they took him in and raised him as carefully as if he were one of their own kin and afterwards elected him king. And King AEthelwulf came from the line of his descendants."       (my Emphasis).

From this we can see that King AEthelwulf claimed descent from Sceaf, who we know also to be called Ing.

Mystery of Ing

Ing is the God who gave his mane to England ("Ing-Land"); he has also been associated with the constellation of Bootes which revolves around the North Star. Bootes is shaped like a "bag" and it is thus perhaps significant that the sculpture of Cuthman outside the church has a bag. The connection appears to be that Cuthman left Chidham and pushed his wagon with his "mother" on it over to Steyning. The name "Chidham" would appear to translate as "bag-ham"; this, interestingly, is on a small sea-inlet which  may well indicate that the journey of the White Stone came by sea originally. As Bootes, Ing is the power that pushes the Waen (Seven stars - Great Bear), which was called Woden's Waen by the English. In Greek Mythology Bootes is a culture-bearer figure (like Ing/Sceaf) who is also associated with the oxen (like Cuthman). The power of Ing (Bootes) thus lays in the Ur-Rune. This is the Primal Force and an Archetypal Force.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Of all the trees that grow so fair,
Old England to adorn,
Greater are none beneath the Sun,
Than Oak, and Ash, and Thorn.
Sing Oak, and Ash, and Thorn, good sirs
(All of a Midsummer morn)!
Surely we sing no little thing,
In Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Oak of the Clay lived many a day
Or ever Aeneas began;
Ash of the Loam was a lady at home
When Brut was an outlaw man.
Thorn of the Down saw New Troy Town
(From which was London born);
Witness hereby the ancientry
Of Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Yew that is old in churchyard mould,
He breedeth a mighty bow;
Alder for shoes do wise men choose,
And beech for cups also.
But when ye have killed, and your bowl is spilled,
And your shoes are clean outworn,
Back ye must speed for all that ye need,
To Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Ellum she hateth mankind, and waiteth
Till every gust be laid,
To drop a limb on the head of him
That anyway trusts her shade:
But whether a lad be sober or sad,
Or mellow with ale from the horn,
He will take no wrong when he lieth along
'Neath Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Oh, do not tell the Priest our plight,
Or he would call it a sin;
But--we have been out in the woods all night,
A-conjuring Summer in!

And we bring you news by word of mouth--
Good news for cattle and corn--
Now is the Sun come up from the South,
With Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Sing Oak, and Ash, and Thorn, good sirs
(All of a Midsummer morn)!
England shall bide till Judgment Tide,
By Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Poem by Rudyard Kipling - A Tree Song
Music by Peter Bellamy - Oak, Ash & Thorn

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Will there be an England?
If our people are the last.
Will you remember children’s laughter?
Should England come to pass.
Where will you call your homeland?
If you surrender what is yours.
Would you find new land to lay your roots?
Should England be no more?

What of our Nation’s story?
If our people reach that day.
That we forget our English history.
Should England fade away.
So will you wake up sons of Hengest?
And raise your swords with me.
Embrace the Will of Woden.
Should England be set free.

The Swastika by Jörg Lechler

link -here-  the text is in gothic-type but the imagery is fascinating!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

You may remember that a while back I performed a Sieg Tiwaz rite for my kinsman facing prison. Those who pleaded guilty were today convicted, however, my good friend Aethelwulf was found not guilty - so today I thank the god Tyr for allowing justice to follow its rightful course!


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Today is the 12th of July - known to most British nationalists as a holiday in Northern Ireland, celebrated by Protestants, Orangemen and Loyalists alike.

When I was a young teenager, all of the British far right supported Ulsters right to remain  British. This meant supporting the various marching orders and loyalist institutions. And I followed suit and supported the loyalists in Ulster.

I now regret this support. Whilst I'll never support the republicans who are ultra-left, supporting Loyalism means loyalty to a zionist British crown. The British kings once claimed descent from Woden (Odin), now they claim descent from David. The various marching orders are Freemason offshoots. To make things worse - Loyalism today has become openly supportive of Israel.

The largest marching order is the Orange Order. The name is taken from William of Orange, the Dutch prince who became a Protestant king after defeating the Catholic King James. But William was heavily financed by jews in Holland  -most notably Solomon Medina, the first jew to be knighted in England. You only need to look at the insignia of the Orange to see its masonic roots. It should also be pointed out that the Orange Order is a Protestant organisation, not a 'white' organisation with Africa having hundreds of Orange lodges, especially in West Africa.

Unlike the Orange, whose marches and activities are widely known, there are other marching orders whose names are not so well known. The Royal Arch Purple which is a similar unionist freemason inspired movement - and the  Royal Black Institution.

Another growing problem within loyalism is the growth of British Israelism, known as Christian Identity to our American friends. No longer are we Saxons, Irish, Brits, English but lost tribes of Israel!!! The Red Hand of Ulster - which is long known to have derived from the O'Neil clans is now the Zionist Hand of Zarah.   

What needs to change? So many British nationalists still continue to support these Freemasonic lodges whilst 'claiming' to be National Socialist. Neo-Nazi maybe...but you CANNOT be a National Socialist and a Freemason!

I urge all true National Socialist to continue to expose the Freemasons and their ways. In regards to Northern Ireland, I say NO MORE BROTHER WARS. Reject Zion - Embrace your White Heritage. Reject the Kosher rightwing groups who use you as pawns for Israel.  

Whether you are Irish or British - Saxon or Gael -  Celt or Germanic - embrace the Heathen ways of our ancestors. We are all Aryan.  

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pagan marching song of the Hitler Youth

We are the joyous Hitler youth, 
We do not need any Christian virtue, 
Because our leader Adolf Hitler 
Is always our Mediator. 

No evil priest can ever stop us 
We feel we are Hitler's children. 
Not Christ we follow, but Horst Wessel, 
Away with incense and holy water! 

We sing as we follow  our flags 
As worthy sons of our ancestors, 
I am not a Christian, not a Catholic, 
I'll go with SA through thin and thick. 

The church can be lost, 
The swastika is salvation on earth, 
I will follow him at every turn, 
Baldur von Schirach, take me with you!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Highly recommended video from a highly recommended channel!

Please support them!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Today is Tuesday - Tiw's day, and he is the god of Justice. I performed a Tiwaz rune galdr today whilst thinking of our fellow patriots who stand trial in the UK courts - for loving their country and race.  

Tiw is not just a god of justice and war - his name also means 'day' - for he is a light bringer. The Sanskrit word Deva means both 'god' and 'shining one' - and Deva is the root of many names for the god Tiw.  The Welsh word is Diw and the Breton source is Deiz. The Armenian word for day is 'Tiw'. The old English name was Tig, which cognates with the German Tag.

The one handed God he has taught us the significance of Sacrifice. Should the young lads who currently stand trial be given an unfair hearing then their sacrifice will only strengthen the collective folk will.

Hail Tiw!

Below is a runebinding, commonly called Ziu (Ziu is the High German name for Tiw). It is a rune binding of Sieg and Tiw (Sig Tyr)- victory-justice victory-god! It forms the basis of a very powerful rune galdr. Invoke this rune and ask Tiw to free our kin!


Friday, 22 June 2018

Shining soul
Sunna's heart is
Freely given.

Burning bright
Sunna's light is
Westward driven.

Summer warmth
Sunna's love is
our heaven.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Frohe Sommersonnenwende!

Happy Summer Sunstead!


Drum mutig drein und nimmer bleich denn Gott iſt allenthalben: 
die freiheit und das himmelreich gewinnen keine halben!


Forward with courage, never blanch, for God is everywhere: 
freedom and the heavenly kingdom is not won by the halfhearted. 

Ernst Moritz Arndt

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Awake! England Awake! Germany Awake! Europe Awake! Vinland Awake!!! Awake is such a powerful rallying cry. The origins of the word are important.  From the Old English awæcnan (earlier onwæcnan; strong, past tense awoc) "to awake, arise, originate," which comes from  a  + wacan "to arise, become awake;" and also awakien, from Old English awacian "to awaken, revive; arise; originate, spring from," Here we two root words -  "on" + wacian "to be awake, remain awake, to watch." The second element (wake) is from the PIE root *weg- to be STRONG.

It is clear that our people are asleep. They sleep walk through life. Day dreaming of better things better never acting on their hopes for the entire system is designed to dull their wits whilst chemicals in our food and water dumb the brain. Our nation is asleep.

The story of 'Sleeping Beauty'  is the tale of the Sleeping Aryan. Her German name is the Dornröschen - Rose Thorn. She is put to sleep by the wicked dark haired step mother/witch/god mother (modern tales vary) after pricking her finger on a splinter from her spindle (perhaps connecting her to Frigga?)

The Thorn of Sleep. In the English runes rows the rune is Thorn, however the Germanic and Norse name Thurs refers to the Giants (Jotun-Juden).  It is the Thorn of Sleep that the Jotun used as a weapon over our folk. I've meditated upon this for almost a year now, and have come to see the Star of David as a Thorn rune bind.  Thus the Star of David is the Crown of Thorns which was placed upon the head of jesus. Christianity is the sleep-curse that we must awake from.

The Crown of Thorns - six rotating thorns, one marked in red to highlight their shape.

For our people to AWAKE! we must first rid ourselves of this alien creed! And it is just so that the Thorn of Sleep will also be the Thorn of Awakening. We are thorns in the systems side. Our Thorn is the Hammer we wear - the hammer of Thor! Ultimately Thor's sign is the Swastika thus it could be that WW2 was the enactment of the World Serpent killing Thor at Ragnarok? But the Hammer remains and has been passed onto his sons - Magni and Modi.


Thorn-rune hammer

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

“O'er Sire and Mother they have roared in unison bright with the verse of praise, burning up riteless men, Blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the swarthy skin which Indra hates.”

~  Rig-Veda, Book 9: HYMN LXXII

Monday, 7 May 2018

This masterful and heroic work of prose, written for the Man to come, gives a proud and thunderous voice to the Sonnenmenschen – those reclusive Elites who are profoundly, in the very core of their souls, disillusioned with the decadence of the modern world. Through the power of the written word, this Initiatic work by Kristof von Kanwetzburg seeks to spiritually uplift the Hero thereby helping him to unravel and ultimately destroy the tangled web of demiurgic Illusion that has encompassed the earth since time immemorial. Though ‘Nazi Disillusion’ is not intended to be a follow-up to the author’s first book ‘National Socialism’, the reader should know that both works represent two well-connected poles on the same axis of thought. Whereas the author’s first book is a scholarly-ideological treatise outlining the fundamentals of a Weltanschauung, this second book – encompassing the literary realms of poetry, song, musings and dialogue – is unmistakably esoteric, representing von Kanwetzburg’s own poetic and spiritual maturity. The result is an author who has successfully integrated the literary realms of traditional National Socialist thought and Esoteric Hitlerism, thereby earning von Kanwetzburg well-warranted praise. In the words of one reviewer (L.D. Hosner): “Herr von Kanwetzburg writes with the scientific precision of a surgeon, guardian-like fury of a Berserker warrior and the sky-straddling passion of a true bard. He writes, in a word, as a Hyperborean.”

Monday, 23 April 2018

Happy Sigurd's Day to all our English friends!

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It is nonsense like this that has earned the press the label Lügenpresse. Really it's the least they deserve. Today, on the Daily Mail website, two stories posted right next to each other. One claiming that Labour will make St Georges day a holiday, the other saying how much they hate it.  It has been my opinion for many years now, that the role of the press is not to form ideas in its readers that make them either left or right (depending on the paper) but to leave its reader with NO opinion at all! 

Friday, 20 April 2018

if you want to shine like the sun first you have to burn like it.

Adolf Hitler

Monday, 16 April 2018

An excellent article on the Syrian war can be found -here- on the Renegade Tribune website. Please take a look at their site and read it. It is so important that people understand this war is a proxy war and there will be only one winner if Assad is defeated - Israel. The proof will soon come to light for the world to see, because after this war, Iran will be next.  I doubt the UK and US won't stop their illegal involvement into the internal affairs of Middle Eastern countries until all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates flies the Zionist flag of Israel.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

In the more militant orders of Volkisch resistance and Nationalist movements, there rises a new and potent symbol - the half-faced Totenkopf style mask which is being worn. This is a ritual act, which symbolises the wearer has become Death. It is a tribute we pay to the Totenfuhrer - Woden, whom we also call Grim!  It is the very same as the Ulfdenar who donned the wolfskins and the Berserkers who wore the bear furs.

The symbol is an ancient one and its reemergence now represents an archetypal awakening within the minds of European Youth. Over the last few years, nationalist movements have moved away from supporting the idea of a judeo-christian  Europe and are embracing the religions of our forebears - the heathen faiths of Europe. And with this a new tide of runic revival and spiritual practice. No longer is the nationalist cause a push for votes in the ballot box, but the conquest of the Aryan Soul! A greater force now drives us which cannot be found in the political world. For these actions, the UK government has cracked down hard on the dissidents who cross the line and make pushes into the mainstream (even banning and deporting the mildest of right-wingers, whilst embracing the return of openly extremist jihadist).  For folk like myself, a spiritual revival is what is needed to secure the future. 

The awakening of the European Folk Soul is the most important task of our time. And I do see some evidence that this is happening with the youth. Just like the awakening of Wotan in the 1900's - there is an awakening today. The Deaths Head face mask is one of these signs, amongst the many I see around me of this happening. The wearing of such masks is the modern practice of an ancient pagan ritual. Just as our ancestors wore the masks of animals and foliage, a shamanic act that empowered the wearer, the Death Head is linking us with the Wild Hunt - the Army of the Dead - to the Einharier - the spirits of the dead, and to the leader of Hunt, the Totenfuhrer. He is Woden whom we also call Wotan or Odin. He is Grim and he is Death.  The Death Head will always be called a 'Neo-Nazi' symbol by the media and our enemies - but this symbol has an ancient lineage which can be traced back from today - to 1930's Germany - to Prussia - to the Hussars- to the Germanic Mannerbunds - to the pagan tribes - to the Totenfuhrer Woden!

When white youths sport these masks, it is NOT the same as antifa cowards who wish to hide their identities whilst they commit crime. No! They do so to embrace an Odic force. The term Odic or Odic-Force was first coined by  Baron Carl von Reichenbach, and today is used by those who not only follow Odin (Odic derives from Odin) but by those who wish to become like Odin - they become Death themselves! They not only follow Odin but accept his fate and struggle as their own.

I will certainly be adopting these masks into my own ritual use and for blots etc. This I feel will continue an ancient custom and bring me closer to Woden. 

The Totenkopf is the reminder that you shall always be willing to put your self at 
stake for the life of the whole community - Himmler.

 At the Centre of the Tree, The Black Sun shines, tho' few can see.

You will have no doubt noticed that the Black Sun has now become one of the most dominant Volkisch symbols. This is one of the more complex signs and the particular design used by most volk is the same as the mosaic on the floor of the North Tower at Wewelsburg. The Black Sun is a stylised Sunwheel which we can connect to the Alemannic sunwheel brooches called Zierscheiben.

One 'scientific' view of the Black Sun could be that of a Black Hole. All light is absorbed into the centre from where it cannot escape (symbolised by the reversed Sieg runes) - the inner ring symbolises the 'Event Horizon', finally it has a void at the centre. Many volk see the design as three overlapping and rotating swastikas, which it certainly is - however, I see the design as a 12 armed sunwheel, which radiate out of the sacred centre. Each arm ends with the reversed Sieg rune, for the Black Sun represents the Spiritual Sun and the source of Cosmic Energy. Its light is invisible, a black light that shines inwards. It is within this Black Light, that the Life-force of the universe is created. We also know this as the Green Ray, also called the Green Flash (and is probably why Himmler used green marble for the design at Wewelsburg). As any gardener knows, it is only when a seed is placed within the darkness of the soil that germination begins. And it is within the complete darkness of the Black Sun that the Light of the WrAlda shines brightest. It is the source of Life itself.

The closer our race comes to extinction - the further we fall into the abyss - the more significance this symbol will have for us. The Black Sun is the flame that burns within. May it shine Darker every day!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

From 'Servant of the Avatar'

This book was done back in January but for some reason I didn’t share it.
Fairly short but interesting read, under 50 pages.

The development of the German Faith Movement revolved around a number of main themes:

the propagation of the ‘blood and soil’ ideology
the replacement of Christian ceremonies by pagan equivalents; the most favoured pagan deity being the sun, as can be seen from the flag of the faith movement
the rejection of Christian ethics
the cult of Hitler’s personality
the spread of Norse paganism throughout Germany

As far as I know this is the first time this book is appearing in digital form. So enjoy this exclusive release.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated

 - Mahatma Gandhi

'Dear Friend'...'We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents.'

-Gandhi to Hitler  (in a letter on December 24 1940)

 ...since Hitler had also experienced love from his mother, he was able to return his love and benevolence toward other people...there was also compassion in Hitler's heart by nature, and Hitler's inner suffering was comparative. So we should show him much compassion.

 14th Dalai Lama  April 1st, 2010
Evola, Viewed From the Elders
Interviewer Question (1972):
We are living in the final age, the dark night of the Kali Yuga. In the light of the final catastrophe which is drawing near, and the exacerbation of the crisis of the modern world, what, do...

At the Centre of the Tree,
The Black Sun shines, tho’ few can see:
Through the Triangle shall come
Widar – The Avenging Son!

image from Elders of the Black Sun
quote from Wulf's Prophecy

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Bomber Harris, war criminal.

Remember Dresden.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

I've twice met Arland Bran and was very honoured when he gave me a self-recorded CD that contained several of his own compositions - for they are excellent! Arland is himself a wanderer - like Woden, whom he follows, so I'm never sure if I'll meet him again so may not share a mead horn with him again!  If you like the new styles of Fashwave, Electronica and the more traditional neo-folk genre's you will enjoy his music - and by luck I found many of his songs online today. Please put some time aside from the hustle and bustle of modern life and take a moment to listen to some music that will speak to your Aryan Soul! Remember - his work is his own recordings and done on a home computer, not in an expensive studio. Below are some of my favourites - but you can find all his works -here-


Friday, 2 February 2018

I noticed a surge in readers yesterday - a good few hundred visits - and all for one post; a post on the Tyr rune. It seems recent 'news' that the Norwegian Olympic teams new design, which includes the Life and Tyr rune has sent the lügenpresse into another spin with their 'we're offended by everything' view.

Personally...I'm just wondering where can I buy that top from?

Monday, 22 January 2018

a blog which I know many of you will have an interest in following.

more great work  from Servant of the Avatar

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