Wednesday, 20 December 2017

THIS sixth title in our ever-popular series on the writings of the mystical English order, Woden's Folk, looks at the myths surrounding the lost continent of At-al-land. Located in the North Sea, or what Pliny referred to as the Septentrionalis Oceanus, this mysterious Indo-European landscape has long since disappeared beneath the unforgiving waves and taken with it much of the arcane knowledge of those who once traversed its ancient mountains, valleys and plains. Drawing upon the wondrous tales of J. R. R. Tolkien, the exhaustive research of Jorgen Spanuth, the Old Frisian manuscript known as the Oera Linda Book, the Aryan sagas of Ancient India and the esoteric writings of Julius Evola, Miguel Serrano, Viktor Rydberg and Stephen A. McNallen, the author adopts a speculative approach to this controversial topic and seeks to determine what lies behind the legends and the folklore surrounding what he describes as 'At-al-Land' and what others have called 'Atland' or 'Atlantis'. Wulf also examines an ancient figure known as Ingwe or Ing, the Divine Ancestor of the English Tribes, and suggests that the Anglo-Frisian / Northumbrian Rune-Row could be far older than we have been led to believe. Elsewhere, the links between the submersion of the consciousness, or ‘sinking’ of the Third Eye, is explained in relation to those lands which disappear from sight. Other subjects discussed in the book relate to the numerical significance between the legends of Thule-Hyperborea and At-al-land, and the importance of Ingwë as he appears in the Book of Lost Tales. Chapters include Revision of English History, Traces of Germania in Early Britain, Lost Symbols of the English, The Legends of Lost Lands, At-al-land and the Hale-Bopp Comet, Ingwe and At-at-land, The Four Hallows and the Graal Runes, The White Stone of Ingwe, The Ar-Kan Runes and At-al-land, The Sacred Mountain and the Fire Serpent, and finally Resurrection and the Rising of At-al-land. Once again, Wulf Ingessunu has excelled himself and the breathtaking scope of this remarkable study is a valuable contribution to the reclamation of our priceless folk-heritage. 

Copies of AT-AL-LAND: ARYAN MYSTERIES OF THE NORTHERN SEAS by Wulf Ingessunu are now available to pre-order from Black Front Press