Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The symbol of the Ouroboros is one I've never used before. I chatted about this with kinsmen recently, so will take this opportunity to expand on this.

My original thoughts on the sign were that it represents a negative force, after all, the serpent is devouring itself. This has to be a self destructive sign thus one to be avoided? For many the Ouroboros is the same as the Jormungand or World Serpent. We can clearly see why this is! A symbol of World Zionism or International Banking maybe? However the root of Jormungand is in the rune Ior - and this is symbolic of the World Pillar. So maybe the Jormungand is a serpent that encircles the World Tree (the same symbolism thus continued into christianity with the serpent twisted around the apple tree in the garden of Eden). We may also be able to associate the Jormungand with the Aryan Hindu Jambunad which means an 'island' but refers to the surface of the Earth. Another name for this is Jambudvipa, and in the Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical text, this refers to Northern Hemisphere.

Some months ago, I took part in a group rune-meditation. We visualised the Sacred Mountain and in my visions I did see an Ouroboros serpent. Those who know me will know that I do not endorse the Flat Earth theory, my beliefs on this where that is was pushed onto our folk circles as a means to ridicule anyone who questioned the Holocaust, (eg - if you question the 6 million figure you must also think the Earth's flat, etc) however... in these visions the Earth was flat and the Ouroboros was the ice that encircled the Earth, so now I have to question this notion. Our mythology fits a Flat Earth model far better than if using a globe. The Sacred Centre, which is the Holy Mountain of Mount Meru sits in the very centre, which is at the North Pole. The South Pole is the circle of Ice which surrounds the Earth. The Ouroboros was the ice and this is exactly what I saw in the visions. 

Perhaps the Flat Earth is purely symbolic, however I'd certainly equate the symbol of the Ouroboros with the ice that encircles a Flat Earth.