Saturday, 4 November 2017

Full credit to 'Servant of the Avatar' who along with his kinsmen at Iron March who have prepared these superb pdf files, based on the original Third Reich publications. 

 Kurt  Eggers  was  the  editor  of  the  SS  newspaper  Das  Schwarze  Korps  and  an  SS  war  correspondent.  After  he  was killed on the Russian front in 1943, an SS regiment was named after him: the SS-Standarte Kurt Eggers.In short, Kurt Eggers was a true National Socialist warrior-poet, whose works provide a fascinating look into the soul of the ideal SS warrior.

Anton Holzner (the pseudonym for SS-Sturmbanführer Albert Hartl) was a former Catholic  priest  who  left  the  priesthood  and  the  church  and  became  an  SS  officer! Two of his books, Eternal Front and Master Life, present the non-Christian religious  attitude  often  referred  to  as  "gotgläubig".  His  other  two  books,  Priest Power and God’s Law, reveal the methods of the priesthood. God’s Law provides a fascinating portrayal of the six stages of his evolution: from fun-loving little boy to  rebellious  cloister  school  pupil  to  exemplary  theology  student  to  idealistic  young  priest  to  disillusioned  older  priest  who  leaves  priesthood  and  church  to  National Socialist!

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