Wednesday, 20 September 2017

World Wide Web?

The biggest internet social sites are - as we all know - run by the enemies of our volk. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, even blogspot who host these blogs, are using their monopolies to control the news and opinions of young minds. This has become openly obvious with Youtube, who are demonetising 'right wing' videos, removing subscribers from nationalist channels etc.  watch here and here for more info on this.

So what can we do to make it safer for us online? Well there are a number of alternatives we should think about using. Companies who do not track us online, or encrypt our texts and emails. 

Here are some alternatives to the (((mainstream))) social media providers. 

In regards to facebook - unless you have a business which would suffer from not being on there - simply do not use it. Avoid facebook  at all costs. Fb is openly anti-white.

Qwant is an alternative to the google search engine. Qwant does not track you,   and does not store tracking cookies.

Email - Protonmail is a European email service based in Switzerland. Emails sent via Protonmail are encrypted.

It is also an idea to install ad blocking software and pop up blockers. Whilst they don't protect your privacy online, they do help stop revenues being made by the giant monopolies. You'll find using the internet is faster as well.  Adblock and Adblockplus can be found online and installed depending on your browser type. adnauseam can also be installed, which creates fake clicks on the adverts. This caused google to have to compensate advertisers for fake traffic - thus adnauseam was banned on chrome by google but can be used on other servers. 

Internet web servers - Brave is an open source browser which is not in the pockets of the monopolies.

This video by Black Pigeon Speaks covers everything mentioned here and more - and is highly recommend.