Thursday, 10 August 2017

What does it mean to 'worship' the gods? More often than not the idea of 'worshipping' conjures the images of kneeing before a god - very much in the christian sense of master and slave. I personally see the gods and goddesses a archetypal aspects of nature - nature being the divine and the essence of life being the manifest of Wr.Alda. *  These manifestations are the gods and goddesses, hence this is why we see certain myths and legends repeat over and over again throughout time. Time is cyclic. We also have stories and saga's of gods who are born, and others who die, thus even the gods abide the ultimate laws of nature.  

So what does it really mean to 'worship' the gods? If we have a look at the Germanic origins of the word 'worship' we see a different meaning to the one which is applied today.The Old English word was worðscip, wurðscip in Anglian, and weorðscipe in West Saxon. This is rooted in the word weorð which meant worthy. Thus to worship the gods meant to be worthy of them, to live a worthy life. Alien is this notion of humbleness and charity to the European! A worthy life is one to strive for! 

*...and of course this is why National Socialism is ultimately a spiritual path not a political one as National Socialism is a Worldview which has at its very core the idea of Natural Hierarchy. Ours is a Natural World Order and is in direct opposition to the New World Order.