Wednesday, 12 April 2017

This post is going to be a rant!! Thus far I have avoided negative comments on the blog, rather focusing on positive aspects but I have been wanting to write a post on this subject for months, so will use the current Syrian affair to get this subject started. If we look at the photo below we see the Italian nationalist CasaPound flying their flags along with those of Syria - in support of Assad who is fighting radial Islam with the support of Russia. In Germany nationalists are happy to fly the Palestinian flag at marches and rallies. However in England very few nationalists would think of supporting Syria or Palestine. No doubt because they are Muslim countries.

Here we have to look at a bigger picture to see what is going on. If we take the English Nationalist scene (which has almost totally collapsed) they held a civic nationalist view so backwards that they wouldn't even entertain working with Scots or (fellow Saxon) Germans! Their love of all things English mean't zionists like Churchill and Cromwell are hailed as heroes!  They clearly learn't nothing from British Nationalism which peaked before it.  Luckily the White Dragon symbol which was restored into use by the volkisch Wodenist movement Woden's Folk remains a volkisch symbol despite the civic attempt to alter that. Of course not all nationalist groups in the UK are like that. There are still few who hold volkisch ideologies, however the largest groups have always turned to supporting Israel. We saw this with the EDL, but why? The problem is a form of 'racism' based simply on skin colour. To be honest, the correct description would be 'colourism'. Jews are fine because they appear white, whilst muslims are darker, thus bad. Himmler said 'Germany was the friend of Islam'. Now - Himmler didn't have a one million migrant hoard to contend with, and if he did his view may not have been the same. But the war in Syria and Palestine are not over Islam. These are Nationalist causes. Assad is fighting a Nationalist cause. Nationalists in the West and Nationalists in the East have common enemies - the biggest being international  Zionism. We should not confuse support for Assad or Palestine with supporting Islam or immigration because these are two different matters. My view on Islam as a religion is clear. I hold Islam with the same content as Christianity or Judaism -they are alien to the European mindset. And I think everyone who reads my blogs will share the same view as myself on immigration which is - No immigration into Europe - Fortress Europe now!  But in regards to the 'colourism' comment I made - I know folk from southern Europe who have dark complexions, but these folk are still European. I have seen jews who are light skinned - but they are still Semitic and never 'white'. I know Indian Sikh's with bright blue eyes thus still carry the Aryan gene's given to them when India was an Aryan country.  What matters to us is Race - and sometimes the enemy of our enemy is our friend, even if they are not from our race.

Syrian nationalists hailing Assad.