Friday, 31 March 2017

“Halgadom - is the empire of all the Germans. Those who live between the Rhine and the Vistula, between the Baltic and the Alps, are only the heart of an immense territory inhabited by other heirs of ancient Thule. To this Halgadom belong not only the Germans, but also many other Europeans: the Scandinavians, faithful to their Nordic origins; the Netherlanders, more German than the Germans; the British, divided between Celts and Saxons; the French, heirs of the Franks and regenerated by the Normans or the Burgundians; the Italians in whose veins runs the blood of the Lombards; the Spaniards, who still carry many an imprint of the Visigoths. And also the Russians, whose country was founded by Swedish Varegs, those Vikings of the rivers and steppes…”

Jean Mabire