Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Today is Wodan's Day. Not to be confused with Wednesday but a holiday that was once called 'little yule' and was sacred to Wodan, the Low Germanic name for Odin/Woden. This day  (6th of December) evolved into Saint Nicolas feast day, thus the church in their desperate attempt to convert the Germanic peoples to christianity kept the true faith of Europe alive!

I've posted about this day in previous years and wrote about Nicolas and his comparison with Wodan, However what I didn't notice is the connection with Frigga's day (now Saint distaff day) which is in one months time. 

We already know that the word Yule (Jol etc) means wheel, thus the holiday can be seen as a completion of the yearly cycle and the start of the next. We also know that the 12 days of yule represent  the coming year in miniature - a symbolic representation of things to come (in the same way the 12 years of the Reich represent the seed that will grow into the Aryan Millennium- Age of Man(u) that is still to come).  

We see the yule cycle as one from Dark (winter) into Light (the coming spring) - but also as Male (Woden) into Female (Frigga). It is also a cycle of old into new. Yule represents the completion and beginning of the year. The wheel turns once more!