Friday, 18 November 2016

Various runic meditation techniques

I'm going to share with you some of the ways I use runes to help meditate -and various meditations I use to envision the runes!

One technique which is very simple is to chant the Hagal rune. Many regular readers will know my thoughts on this - as the 'g' in Germanic tongue was pronounced 'y' this rune is really the hayal or hail rune. Hayal is connectedto Hay which means 'to clear' (I will write a separate article on this soon). The ancient Persians had a saying which was very similar to our own modern saying 'to have your head in the clouds', which was 'to leave your mind on top of a mountain' - which basically mean't something like you were day dreaming. This saying  connects the Hail rune with the Khailaz mountain, the spiritual home of Shiva.  
If you wish to meditate on the runes it is easier to have a clear mind. I do not meditate on the runes in the evening anymore. My mind is too full of the days events. For me, and this may help you, is to think of the rune you wish to use and hold it in your thoughts for sometime, before going to sleep. Dream helps 'organise'  your thoughts and you will have a clearer mind in the morning. If you can remember the rune within the first few waking moments then you'll never have a clearer mind! So in the morning is when I do this kind of rune-work. Shortly after waking up, recall the rune and visualise it in your mind. Allow the rune to warp and morph into other images, don't force any ideas - just see where the imagery takes you. Sometimes you'll see an image and that will spark an idea later in the day. 

Another way - something which I've only just started trying, is to use the mathematical concept of fractalism. A fractalism is were a part of an image or geometrical shape has the same statistical character as the whole.  The 'mandelbrot' fractal is one of the best known examples of this. To do this with runes, imagine one of the so-called branch runes, runes like Os, Ansuz, Feoh, Aesc or Ac for example. These runes have an upright stave and two branching arms. Visualise one of the branches and make this the upright stave of a new rune growing out of the original. I've found that doing this just for a few moments helps focus the mind.

These are just some techniques which I often use. They may not work for you, or you may develop your own styles, but hopefully these ideas aid in your own rune-working.