Friday, 21 October 2016

You may have seen in the news this week, that four German police officers were shot, one fatality, by a member of the Reichsbürger movement. Here is a link for anyone who missed this. Instantly the media called this man a neo-Nazi and extremist. What ties he had to National Socialism I don't know. I guess the use of the word 'Reich' within the name Reichsbürger probably makes people instantly think of the Third Reich. The  Reichsbürger movement is probably more akin to the Sovereign Citizen movements of America and the Freeman-Common Law movements in England. We know the current political systems in the US, in Germany and England are corrupt and we want change. These movements will naturally attract nationalistic volk.

One of the key elements of the Reichsbürger movements is that members wish to see a return to the original pre-war borders of Germany. As a National Socialist my thoughts on this are clear - Our Race is our Nation. Germany the Nation exists wherever German people have lived. We do not recognise geo-policial borders, but racial ones. I will also post an article soon of the word 'German' and its runic roots.

Going back to the word 'Reich'- we so often hear and read the word being translated as 'Empire' - which isn't the truest translation. Kingdom or land would be a better word. I often wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to make the Third Reich appear Imperialist - something it certainly wasn't! The word Reich is rooted in the proto Germanic language as is a word still used today to mean land. There are many examples across Germanic speaking parts of Europe. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik - which is Reyk (Reich) Jarvik (town) or literally  the land's town (capital). Interestingly the name Jarvik is the same as Jorvik, which is now York in Northern England. In Sweden the term Reich is written as Rike -  for example France in Swedish is Frankrike or Land of the Franks.