Sunday, 9 October 2016

The rune Ansuz is the Rune of the Ancestors or Ahnen - a Blood memory rune and the rune of the Gods. We also know this rune as Oss - a name meaning 'God' and a prefix which has survived in many English names such as Oswald, Oswin etc.

The root of the Ansuz rune is in the Proto-Aryan word *ansu, which means spirit. Thus our ancestors (ansuz) are always with us. Their genes are in our blood, their souls form our National Folk-Soul. As I've mentioned in previous posts - it is this belief that led to the National Socialists of 30's Germany calling 'present' to the names of fallen komeraden. For their spirit marched with them, for now and forever.

The origins of the word 'God' are also very interesting. The ancient Germanic tribes used Ansuz to describe the gods - but only those whom they worshipped themselves. Alien gods were never afforded such titles. This is of course because the various folk-tribes of Europe descended from the various Gods of Europe, and our gods and goddesses can be counted amongst our ancestors.  The words 'God' 'Got' 'Gott' etc were also gender neutral in their origin. It was only after the conversion (corruption) of the European volk to christianity that the word became masculine. This can be seen in the original meaning of the word, which comes from the Proto-Aryan *ghut and means 'that which is invoked'.  Thus it is possible to invoke the gods through our blood. The belief in our gods and our belief in our race (blood) are inseparable.

Our belief in the gods and our blood is furthered by our rituals - called blots. The blot is a ritual designed to invoke a god or action, and part of this blot (the word coming from the Germanic word blut or blood) is a libation (pouring of mead or ale on the Earth). The root word *ghut (god) directly cognates with the root word *gheu which means 'to pour' or 'libation'.