Sunday, 23 October 2016

I have had quite a lot of traffic to this blog via an article by Asaheim Wulfguard regarding Loki - over at Renegade Tribute. Whilst reading through the comments there are a few statements which are worth noting - one comment by 'Hammer' is very interesting as he gives a few examples of how the word Jotun translates -  Jude in German, Jøde in Norwegian and Jude in Swedish. The pattern is clear!

Another comment by Steed has also got me thinking - as Steed points out it is Thor's / Thunor's role as protector against the Giants (Jotun). The Swastika is the symbol of Thor. It is the Lightning cross and represents the hammer Miollnir in flight. The battle between Thor and the Giants could be symbolised by the Swastika against the Star of David!