Monday, 12 September 2016

I'd like to write a little about the Yr rune as I was recently thinking about the World Tree and its connection to the various trees, namely the Ash, Yew and Oak. One thing that is often debated is what kind of tree is the Yggrasil? Many claim it is an Ash, others a Yew, some will say its an Oak and so on. Truth is it is probably all of these, and more.

I often use the Yew tree as symbolism for the Yggdrasil, and if we look at the runes connected to the Yew, I see aspects of the Yggdrasil within them.

The Armanen Yr rune (commonly seen as a death rune) is a Yew rune- and symbolises the roots of the World Tree.

The Eoh rune - The Yew rune - this represents the growth of the Yew tree. It is also the basis of the Wolf-Hook, which is a symbol of Ull (Wuldor) who resides in Yewdale, which I believe is the Yggdrasil.

But recently I've been thinking about the Anglo-Saxon Yr (Yew bow) rune. Meditating on the rune (as pictured below) I saw the Ur rune, which is the basic shape of the rune but with an Irminsul inside. This matches the shape of the Yr rune. And whilst the Irminsul was clear - the Ur rune shape was not. It was much more rounded and at first I though it could be the Bifrost bridge, but it soon became clearer and it was the skull of the giant Ymir. Ymir's skull was used to create the dome of the heavens, and the name Ymir contains the name Yr. This only furthers my belief that the Yggdrasil is a Yew tree. Ymir was the first being - thus the Ur (Original) rune shape. 

The rounded version of the AS Yr rune which appeared as the Skull of the giant Ymir (Yr) and Irminsul