Monday, 1 August 2016

The Valknut is one of the most intricate symbols that appears within our faith. Not only through the complexity of the design but the fact that the symbol has so many meanings. Normally it is attributed to Woden-Odin. However other uses of the sign have it connected to the Nine Worlds (represented by the nine sides) or the three 'Val's' - the Valkyrie, Valhalla and Valvater (Odin). Some volk also associate the sign with the three Norns. 

If we look at the various carvings of the Valknut we can see that there is a connection with Woden as the god who travels the Nine Worlds - and also Sleipnir, his eight legged horse.

In this stone carving we see Odin (the first figure on the left), the Valknut clearly in the middle and two Ravens over head. In the study below it is easier to see Odin as the Hanged God, or the God of the Gallows.

Here we see Odin riding Sleipnir with two complete and one partly completed Valknut between Sleipnir's legs. There is also one next to Odin's head.

It is my view that the Valknut represents Odin's ability to travel throughout the Nine Worlds. To travel to the underworld he rides Sleipnir who symbolises ritual or symbolic death. This could be via a deep meditation or shamanic vision. But it seems this is necessary to travel to the underworld - as we find in the Saga's that Hermod must ride Sleipnir for him to be able to travel to the underworld (Hel), to ask for the release of Baldur. Odin must also ride Sleipnir to visit Hel. The symbolic Hanging (as shown on the first carving) is closely connected to the Valknut for this is the knot of the Slain. 'Sleipnir' means 'slip' which is a reference to the hangman's 'slipknot'. Sleipnir's eight legs probably represent the pallbearers, again symbolising a death ritual.

It was Loki who fathered Sleipnir. On the website 'Nordic Anti Semite' - comments made by a 'Ytringer' make very interesting reading. They claim that Sleipnir means 'sleep'. This fits in with the idea that Sleipnir is a symbolic or ritual death. 'Sleep' here is a reference to the idea that our race is asleep - a sleep invoked by the giant Loki. Perhaps this a why the National Socialist's used the cry 'Awake' - to counter this effect. We must certainly cast off the curse that Loki has placed upon our race, and awaken before this symbolic death becomes a reality.