Saturday, 20 August 2016

The roots of the name Mjollnir - the name of Thunor's hammer.

Mjollnir is the name of Thunor's (Thor's) Hammer. The name means 'to mill' 'grind' or 'crush'. The word is rooted in Proto Indo-European *mel and can be found in various European languages such as these examples (which all mean 'to mill')- 

Latin  - molina, molinum 
German -  Mühle, Old Saxon -  mulin
Old Norse - mylna, Danish -  mølle
Slavonic  - mulinu

From the same root we get the word mallet - a style of hammer. We also get the word 'meal' (as in oatmeal etc) which is the flour produced by the mill from the same root. Interestingly - Thor's wife is named Sif, and she herself is a corn goddess. Thor's two goats, Tanngrisnir (Old Norse 'teeth-barer, snarler') and Tanngnjóstr (Old Norse 'teeth grinder') also share the same concept with grinding to some degree, especially the latter.

As well as the Hammer we associate Thor with the Swastika. In one aspect this is a thunder symbol and is called the Thunder-cross across the Baltic lands. But the Swastika is also the Solar Mill - the cosmic mill which is turned by the god Mundilfari. This cosmic swastika is made by the constellation Ursa Major - the Plough - as it rotates around the Pole Star. The Plough is called Arthur's Wain, which is a word play on the name Arþr (Arthr) which is Norse for Plough, but can also be seen as Ar-Thor. So the World Mill is sacred to both Thor and Mundilfari. Perhaps there is a connection between Mundilfari and Thor's son Modi, who inherits his father's hammer?

The Cosmic Mill - World Swastika

Swastika image by Ludwig Fahrenkrog. Perhaps is shows the world Swastika being turned by Thor and his son?