Friday, 19 August 2016

Kalki as Hitler!

A number of ideas and various bits of information have come to me over the last two weeks about Kalki. This started whilst listening to the song Hitler as Kalki by the band Current 93, a link to Youtube video -here-.

What really got me thinking is a comment my eldest daughter made to me whilst listening to the song, "so was Kalki good at maths then?"  This was a reference to the term calculus, which comes from the root calc. This is the root of calculate etc, because in ancient Roman times, maths was learnt by using small chalk stones to count with - calc being calcium.

I decided to meditate on the Anglo-Saxon rune Calc - commonly seen as the death rune and I envisioned the rune over the top of something like one of the Lewis chess pieces - the knight. The rune, it seems to me is a depiction of a rider upon a white horse - the image of the knight playing piece confirmed this to me. The straight stave in the middle represented the rider - the chevron (upside down V) was the horse. The rune, which is normally used to symbolise the chalice represents the Rider on a White Horse. Calc is Kalki.

In Sanskrit Kalki's name means 'destroyer of darkness' or 'destroyer of ignorance', coming from the PIE 'kalka' (interestingly kalka is a word used in some Baltic languages which means bone) but the etymology of the name also relates to a 'white horse' *. Kalki Avatar is often pictured riding a White Horse, or even being half horse himself. A Wodenist once told me of a vision she had had of Woden being human with horses legs. The idea of a destroyer of decay has lead many to compare Kalki with Hitler - as the title of the Current 93 band suggests. The song is based on the teaching and writings of Savitri Devi. What is very interesting is that the ancient Aryan-Hindu texts give a rough date as to the birthday of Kalki - The Puranas describe the date as twenty-one fortnights from the birth of Krishna, which itself falls on Janmashtami in August. This would put his descent at Vaishakha, between April and May. At this time, the father of Kalki is foretold to be overwhelmed by the incarnation of Godhead that he sees as his son.  There are many clues in the Hindu myths about the birth of Kalki which I will explore soon.

Kalki the White God

Revelation 6:2 

 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.