Monday, 25 July 2016

BLACK Front Press is delighted to bring you an extensive and illuminating collection of work that first appeared in England's underground Wodenist publication, Sword of Wayland. Founded in 1998, WF promotes the authentic folk-religion of the English people and is a spiritual order committed to the awakening of the ancestral Saxon Nation. Sword of Wayland, one of two magazines produced by the group, was originally published during the 1980s when the WF's pioneers were still part of the Odinic Rite and the name was later revived. Containing a huge treasure trove of mystical, symbolic and practical wisdom, this book is sure to become a well-respected and valuable addition to the Wodenist oeuvre. It could also change your life. Chapters include The Woden Männerbund; The Cosmic War; Folk Customs of Kent: The Hooden Horse; Ten Years Ago: The Awakening of the White Dragon; Heathen Lore; The Sacred Centre & the Sound of Creation; England's Dreaming; Future of the English; The Faravahar; Saint George the Wolf's Head; Beowulf the Geat; Hama - Fire from Water; Galdor-Cræft; The Eðel-Project; The Aryan English; English Resistance; Preparing the Way for the Last Avatar; Woden's Folk: Our Work; The Primal Aryan Myth: The Dragon-Slaying; Wodenic Priest; Widukind; The Polar Tradition; Information Wars; The Problem with Wicca; The Wolf-Fury; King Raedwald & the Leader of thje Wild Army; A Warning; Origin of the Martial Arts; The Hælweg; Parsifal: The Third Wave; The Reawakening; The Spiral; Beyond the Known Universe; The Awakening of the Valkyrie; Runic Postures; The Saxons in India; The Solar Path: Afterlife Ambitions in the Ancient World; Wodan id est Furor; Germania!; The Cosmic War; The English Warrior; He Who Returns; Idunn: the Goddess of Regeneration; and the special extended edition from Summer Finding 2015. Contributors include Wulf Ingessunu, Hamasson, Siegfrith, Wotan's Krieger, Siegmund, Offa Whitesun and Steed.