Monday, 25 July 2016

Powerful message from the late Dr William Pierce.

The video was created by Omniphi Media who have produced some excellent works. Please follow the link to view their other videos.
...all the nations are equal in that; there is no hope at all that Nazism will perish with the victory of the allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism.

- Quote by the jewish writer Rav Yehuda Ashlag

BLACK Front Press is delighted to bring you an extensive and illuminating collection of work that first appeared in England's underground Wodenist publication, Sword of Wayland. Founded in 1998, WF promotes the authentic folk-religion of the English people and is a spiritual order committed to the awakening of the ancestral Saxon Nation. Sword of Wayland, one of two magazines produced by the group, was originally published during the 1980s when the WF's pioneers were still part of the Odinic Rite and the name was later revived. Containing a huge treasure trove of mystical, symbolic and practical wisdom, this book is sure to become a well-respected and valuable addition to the Wodenist oeuvre. It could also change your life. Chapters include The Woden Männerbund; The Cosmic War; Folk Customs of Kent: The Hooden Horse; Ten Years Ago: The Awakening of the White Dragon; Heathen Lore; The Sacred Centre & the Sound of Creation; England's Dreaming; Future of the English; The Faravahar; Saint George the Wolf's Head; Beowulf the Geat; Hama - Fire from Water; Galdor-Cræft; The Eðel-Project; The Aryan English; English Resistance; Preparing the Way for the Last Avatar; Woden's Folk: Our Work; The Primal Aryan Myth: The Dragon-Slaying; Wodenic Priest; Widukind; The Polar Tradition; Information Wars; The Problem with Wicca; The Wolf-Fury; King Raedwald & the Leader of thje Wild Army; A Warning; Origin of the Martial Arts; The Hælweg; Parsifal: The Third Wave; The Reawakening; The Spiral; Beyond the Known Universe; The Awakening of the Valkyrie; Runic Postures; The Saxons in India; The Solar Path: Afterlife Ambitions in the Ancient World; Wodan id est Furor; Germania!; The Cosmic War; The English Warrior; He Who Returns; Idunn: the Goddess of Regeneration; and the special extended edition from Summer Finding 2015. Contributors include Wulf Ingessunu, Hamasson, Siegfrith, Wotan's Krieger, Siegmund, Offa Whitesun and Steed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

We have our Gods, and we have our Goddesses. The role of the goddess is so important within our Blood religion. The Sun is feminine, and the Earth in feminine. Sunna and Erda we call them, amongst the many names we have for them.

Women bring new life into the world, thus they should be the most protected species on the planet. No wonder that our (((mortal enemy))) has chosen to corrupt the minds of our womenfolk in a new frontier in their eternal war against the Light-Born folk of the Aryan. If it isn't through inviting millions of young mostly muslim and overwhelming non-white men (nearly all aged 13-38) into Europe to freely rape and assault them, then its via Feminism which is a corruption of the mind, and seeks to transplant the natural role of mother and wife with something totally alien to womankind. Being anti-feminist is not anti-women, sadly this fact is lost on some- judging by the anti-female tweets and comments left by some who wrongly identify themselves as right-wing. Even the term 'feminist' is misleading in that 'feminists' seek to make women more masculine. What they seek is a gender role reversal. And in my view they hold some of the most twisted opinions on Earth, such as being pro-abortion. 

If we thought about it logically - 50% of our movement should be women - yet you've only got to look at any of our groups or movements to see that it's not. Many years ago, in America there was a movement of nationalistic and pagan women called Sigrdrifa who promoted homeschooling, organic food and other homesteading projects, as well as heathenism and white nationalism. Sadly they are no longer active - however there is a new movement which has grown which deserves all our support, so please visit their site and help them out wherever  you can!

The Nihang are a militant Sikh order. Like the ancient Aryan tribes of India these folk are superb horse riders and archers. Their traditional dress is known as Shiva Swarupa which means 'Shiva's appearance' - with blue being sacred to Shiva. Interestingly the order are also known as the Akali, or the Immortals and the 'Akal Sena' which means The Army of the Immortal.

The origin of the word Nihang is Persian (نهنگ‎‎) and means 'Sea Serpent' - now I have a question, is the serpent Nihang is the same as the Norse Nidoggr? 

a light skinned  warrior of the Nihang

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

For Freedom and Bread!

excellent craftsmanship from a Spanish kinsman. 

  La verdad es siepmare más fuerte que la mentire.
The truth is always stronger than lies.