Sunday, 26 June 2016

The true face of English civil nationalism! The civic nationalist fools that dominated the now totally dead English nationalist political scene have shown themselves to be the fools they really are! The petition calling for a second referendum was started by Oliver Healey - an English Democrat! 

For years and years the English nationalist movement was split into two clear camps - the racial and the civic, with the civic group being the dominate. Now the vast majority of the racial nationalists came from British nationalism, so had far more knowledge on how the system works, the dirty tricks they would use against us and the lies they would spread etc. The civic camp it seemed got straight of a boat - with no knowledge of how nationalism should work. They were divided between christian and pagan and spent more time on forums arguing over which patron saint or which nation anthem we should use - with the civic fools favouring the proto-Zionist works of William Blake. 

The use of the White Dragon was first promoted by Woden's Folk who formed 18 years ago, as a Wodenist symbol representing folkish-Wodenists (which in theory is all Wodenists). From the start it was the symbol of the English GERMANIC volk. Again, this symbol was misused by the civic camp and openly spread the sign amongst non-Europeans whom they regarded as English in their civic ideology. So in this regard it is with great joy that I see racial nationalists groups and movements across Germanic Europe and even beyond starting to adopt the White Dragon as a sign of struggle against the Red Dragon of Judea-Rome. The White Dragon was never for the civic's to use in the first place! Awaken the White Dragon and smash civic nationalism!

Racially aware movements adopting the White Dragon from UK and overseas