Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Irminsul and the Black Sun. In my opinion they are two of the most important symbols of our faith, with only the Swastika and Thor's Hammer being more predominant.

Both represent divine order - the Irminsul is of course the World Pillar - the Sacred centre from which everything else radiates out and circles around. So the image above, taken from Varg's book 'The Irminsul' * is very fitting as it combines the two. 

For sometime now I've come to see the Irminsul and Black Sun as being representative of the same - our own Milky Way. The Milky Way is the cosmic Axis, and is named after the milk that flows from the cosmic cow Audhumla. We see the Milky Way from the side, as the Earth is on the outer edge of the galaxy. The galaxy viewed from above looking down is  symbolised by the various sunwheel and Zierscheibe designs, with the Black Sun being the most infamous! Of course the two hold many other meanings, which work on different levels, so this is just one aspect. 

 If we look at the Milky Way there is a central column which splits into two arms.  This represents the Sacred Centre and the Cosmic Centre. Our own spine is symbolic of our own (human) sacred centre (with the shoulder blades forming an Irminsul type shape) and it is the spine that carries the Kundalini force up and down the body.  Interestingly there are 33 spinal vertebrae which are the 33 runes of the Ar Kan rune lag. The Spear also represents this column. There is an old word play regarding the spear in that the Saxon word for spear also mean't Ash, from the fact that the Germanic folk made their spears from Ash which grows extremely straight and is resistant to shock. The World Pillar is also Woden's Spear, Gungir and the Yggdrasil world tree is the mighty Ash (according to some). The Gar rune which represents the rune of the Spear is a binding of both a left and right handed Swastika - the sacred centre of a spiral seen from both above and below.

The Cosmic Pillar of the Milky Way. The two arms are faint but can be seen. This forms the Irminsul.

Our same galaxy, but seen as if we were looking down. The galaxy forms a Zierscheibe or Spiral.
The word Spiral comes from the root 'to turn' which is also the meaning of the word Dragon (i.e. the Kundalini which rises via the spine). 

* ISBN: 91-973819-6-9 
  16 pages (A5-booklet format)  Highly recommended!