Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I hope all NSVR readers had a great solstice! You may have noticed I've added a few new links to the links bar. The Iron Pill is a very clever comic book style blog and is very funny - well worth having a read and chuckle! I've also added a link to the Sunwheel Society who produced the excellent youtube videos based on the Myth of the 20th Century.  Deathblow-Memorandum is a new blog which I found via the Aryan Myth blog. I've just added a link to the 'Thule Society' which is a website run by Brian Ruhe - who both practises and teaches Buddhism and is a truth seeker who has done a lot to help spread the true history of National Socialist Germany and the Holocaust.  If you have a spare moment please visit their websites and show them your support!

By the way - if any readers here are interested in the Aryan connection to Buddhism and ancient India please consider subscribing to Woden's Folk's two magazines which also includes various articles on these subjects.