Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Copies of SWORD OF WAYLAND: COLLECTED ARTICLES FROM THE LEGENDARY WODEN'S FOLK MAGAZINE are now available to pre-order. The book is 240 pages in length and costs just 20 EUROS with free postage to anywhere in the world. 

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The Sword of Wayland is just one of the two magazines produced by WF - the other being the Spear of Woden. They are both aimed at the Germanic English folk-community so any readers from the UK interested in this publication should certainly contact WF for information. If you live outside of the UK - either in Europe or the new world, you may be able to receive the magazine as a pdf, but you'll need to confirm this first. BFP's new release is a collection of past articles from the magazine, so if you are new to the work of Woden's Folk, or simply would like to read excellent articles on runelore, Saxon mythology, Aryan heritage etc. then this promises to be a great book.