Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hail Victory!

The Sieg Heil cry and the Heil Salute that accompanies it are instantly recognisable as National Socialist greetings of warm and friendship.

There is a long history to both the salute, which I've covered in my posts many times, and the chant - which I will discuss here.

The rallying cry of Sieg Heil! It is far older than most folk think. Though only thought of as a National Socialist gesture, there is in fact records of Vikings using similar greetings and the chant has runic origins.

The Sieg and Heil are rooted in the Victory (Sig Sieg and Sowilo) rune - and the Heil (Heil Hail Hagal) rune.  As I've mentioned many times before - G in the old Germanic language was pronounced as a Y thus the original word Hagal would have sounded more like Hayal or Hay-al (see my Hagal page above for more). I also believe that the root words for Sieg, which is Sal ( as in Salvation etc) and Heil (which is Hal)  have a common root. 

Across Europe the Sieg Heil chant is being used once more as a greeting to other nationalist and National Socialists. It takes the form of an open handed salute (salute again being rooted in the word Sal). The OPEN hand is a sign of friendship, openness and honesty. Compare this to the violent 'fist' salute of the communists - the fist being both a sign of violence and their 'hidden' agenda. 

Modern Swedes use the term  'Hell Seger' which is Hail Victory. English folk - especially modern Wodenists and Odinist use the chant 'Hael und Sige' - taking the names from the Saxon runes. In Germany such greeting are strictly banned.

In Norse times there are records of a greeting very similar to the English 'Hael und Sige' which was 'heil og sæl' which took the form 'heill ok sæll' when addressed to a man and 'heil ok sæl' when addressed to a woman. Another version was 'ver heill ok sæll' meaning 'be healthy and happy' or simply 'heill'. So we can see here that this greeting as been used within our race for some thousand years. We also see that its meaning and the intent of the greeting is to invoke health and happiness, strength and victory.

This home made looking belt buckle (either early HJ or Wandervogel?)
is a rune binding with the runes Sieg and Hail.

We can clearly see, especially in the Norse variation, the roots Hal and Sal. Like I mentioned before, their seems to be an even far older 'link' between this two terms, one that probably stretches back into ancient Aryan history. The Heil salute is an ancient one itself. It is widely reported that the Germans 'borrowed' the salute from the Italian Fascists and that they themselves used the salute on the belief that it was used in ancient Rome. However we know that it was Himmler's belief that Romulus and Remus had Germanic blood, thus the Romans took the salute from the Germanic tribes. There could be some evidence in this in that the Germanic race trace their heritage via the Aryan Scythian tribes and it is well know that these ancient Aryans certainly used the Heil Salute. This was well documented in the book Der Heilgruß by Alfred Richter. The same salute is still used by Hezbollah today - who trace their use of the salute to ancient tribes. 

The rune name Sowilo is a very interesting one. I often favour this rune  over Sig or Sieg as the name Sowilo contains elements of the Sun (Sol) and the Will (Wilo) thus a form of the 'Triumph of the Sun' and 'the Triumph of the Will'. The Sowilo rune is connected to the Willow tree, which in England was known as the Sallow tree (Sal-low) from the word  séalas. This tree contains the Salix acid where we get aspirin. 

The Hail rune has a healing side. It is the root of the words Health and  Healing. The Anglo Saxon 'hælþ' (health) meant to 'be whole' which is the holistic idea of being health in both body and mind. The holistic trends of many modern 'greens' have there roots in ancient Germania, were the concept of being whole and healthy meant in both body and in spirit. The term Hal also means to breath - to inhale and to exhale - and another word for this is of course respire. Proof of Germanic holisticness as respire means from the spirit (soul).

So we can see from these few examples how the Sieg Heil salute is a sign of a healthy nation - a gesture of good will and friendship. It is a runic chant which strengthens our bonds to our Germanic pre-christian past. It symbolises openness and happiness. 

The Irminsul and the Black Sun. In my opinion they are two of the most important symbols of our faith, with only the Swastika and Thor's Hammer being more predominant.

Both represent divine order - the Irminsul is of course the World Pillar - the Sacred centre from which everything else radiates out and circles around. So the image above, taken from Varg's book 'The Irminsul' * is very fitting as it combines the two. 

For sometime now I've come to see the Irminsul and Black Sun as being representative of the same - our own Milky Way. The Milky Way is the cosmic Axis, and is named after the milk that flows from the cosmic cow Audhumla. We see the Milky Way from the side, as the Earth is on the outer edge of the galaxy. The galaxy viewed from above looking down is  symbolised by the various sunwheel and Zierscheibe designs, with the Black Sun being the most infamous! Of course the two hold many other meanings, which work on different levels, so this is just one aspect. 

 If we look at the Milky Way there is a central column which splits into two arms.  This represents the Sacred Centre and the Cosmic Centre. Our own spine is symbolic of our own (human) sacred centre (with the shoulder blades forming an Irminsul type shape) and it is the spine that carries the Kundalini force up and down the body.  Interestingly there are 33 spinal vertebrae which are the 33 runes of the Ar Kan rune lag. The Spear also represents this column. There is an old word play regarding the spear in that the Saxon word for spear also mean't Ash, from the fact that the Germanic folk made their spears from Ash which grows extremely straight and is resistant to shock. The World Pillar is also Woden's Spear, Gungir and the Yggdrasil world tree is the mighty Ash (according to some). The Gar rune which represents the rune of the Spear is a binding of both a left and right handed Swastika - the sacred centre of a spiral seen from both above and below.

The Cosmic Pillar of the Milky Way. The two arms are faint but can be seen. This forms the Irminsul.

Our same galaxy, but seen as if we were looking down. The galaxy forms a Zierscheibe or Spiral.
The word Spiral comes from the root 'to turn' which is also the meaning of the word Dragon (i.e. the Kundalini which rises via the spine). 

* ISBN: 91-973819-6-9 
  16 pages (A5-booklet format)  Highly recommended!  

Monday, 27 June 2016

A big thumbs up to Renegade Tribute for first posting this video.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The true face of English civil nationalism! The civic nationalist fools that dominated the now totally dead English nationalist political scene have shown themselves to be the fools they really are! The petition calling for a second referendum was started by Oliver Healey - an English Democrat! 

For years and years the English nationalist movement was split into two clear camps - the racial and the civic, with the civic group being the dominate. Now the vast majority of the racial nationalists came from British nationalism, so had far more knowledge on how the system works, the dirty tricks they would use against us and the lies they would spread etc. The civic camp it seemed got straight of a boat - with no knowledge of how nationalism should work. They were divided between christian and pagan and spent more time on forums arguing over which patron saint or which nation anthem we should use - with the civic fools favouring the proto-Zionist works of William Blake. 

The use of the White Dragon was first promoted by Woden's Folk who formed 18 years ago, as a Wodenist symbol representing folkish-Wodenists (which in theory is all Wodenists). From the start it was the symbol of the English GERMANIC volk. Again, this symbol was misused by the civic camp and openly spread the sign amongst non-Europeans whom they regarded as English in their civic ideology. So in this regard it is with great joy that I see racial nationalists groups and movements across Germanic Europe and even beyond starting to adopt the White Dragon as a sign of struggle against the Red Dragon of Judea-Rome. The White Dragon was never for the civic's to use in the first place! Awaken the White Dragon and smash civic nationalism!

Racially aware movements adopting the White Dragon from UK and overseas

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I hope all NSVR readers had a great solstice! You may have noticed I've added a few new links to the links bar. The Iron Pill is a very clever comic book style blog and is very funny - well worth having a read and chuckle! I've also added a link to the Sunwheel Society who produced the excellent youtube videos based on the Myth of the 20th Century.  Deathblow-Memorandum is a new blog which I found via the Aryan Myth blog. I've just added a link to the 'Thule Society' which is a website run by Brian Ruhe - who both practises and teaches Buddhism and is a truth seeker who has done a lot to help spread the true history of National Socialist Germany and the Holocaust.  If you have a spare moment please visit their websites and show them your support!

By the way - if any readers here are interested in the Aryan connection to Buddhism and ancient India please consider subscribing to Woden's Folk's two magazines which also includes various articles on these subjects.

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