Friday, 20 May 2016

Originally the term 'man' was a reference to 'human' or 'mankind' - it is only more recently that the term refers to the male gender. The word 'woman' comes from wimman (plural wimmen - the German 'en' suffix is still used in the English word women) - this meant wim-man or female-man (female human). The term  wimman was related to the term wifman, a female companion, hence the modern word wife. This certainly shows how much of a distorted view modern feminists have in that they are able to see sexism in everything - even in a word like human.

In our runelore the word for man is rooted in the root-word for life. This is the word Lieb - which means both body and life - this is a holistic way of looking at life - the Germanic man is so because he is Germanic in both body and soul.

The Man rune (in the Armanen runerow) is the life rune (Lieb) - hence this is why the SS used the Man rune as gravestones. This can has cause some confusion to those who perhaps are not so informed on Guido von List's Armanen runes - as the Armanen Man rune is so often called the Life-Algiz rune. 

I believe that the common Man rune is itself a form of rune binding. This is a family rune - the rune of union, just as the Ehwaz rune is.

The Armanen Man rune - this is a holistic rune for it represents both body (Lieb) 
and Life (soul/spirit) in union in Man. Thus this rune is most commonly called the Life rune.

The Man rune. Here we see a binding between two Life runes. Collectively we humans are a race - our race being the Germanic race (from my personal perspective) and this great white tribe is itself part of a larger Indo-European race. I've spoken about this rune as the rune of race before here.

We can see from the binding below how this rune represents the family (husband-wife or father-mother) which itself is the foundation of race.

You can see within the rune-binding the Ehwaz rune, which represented the union of Marriage

As the foundation of our race is based upon health men and women raising healthy and numerous children it is no surprise that our enemy goes to such lengths to destroy this sacred union.