Sunday, 1 May 2016

A happy May Day to all our readers! An ancient tradition which formed part of many spring rituals across Europe, and embraced both Germanic and Celtic cultures. Sadly hijacked today by leftist's who claim this day as their's and it to be a 'worker's holiday'. And a 'worker's holiday' it is - however there is an irony in that most of these reds who you will see rioting on the streets today are benefit scroungers who have never done a days work or the children of middle class families and don't know what hard work is!

The true inheritor's of this ancient holiday are the European people who fight to keep the ancient pagan and nationalistic spirit of Europe alive, such as these Nordic activists at a rally today.

There is a German tradition which in England has sadly almost died out - that of the Raising of the May Tree. In England this became the May Pole and represented the Summer tree as an opposite to the Yule tree. Normally this tree was Birch, which is one of the first to come to leaf. The Anglo-Saxon name for Birch was Beorc which is also the name of this rune. This connects this celebration with yesterdays. The Beorc rune represents new life, as Birch also means Birth. The rune in one aspect is symbolic of a pregnant woman, a side profile of her swollen belly and breasts. The rune laying down is the ancient burial mounds - thus we have death and new life - and connect to the ancient Germanic goddess Waelburga (from were the christians took the name Walpurgis). Waelburga means Wael (Val) slain or fallen (as in Valhalla, Valkyrie etc.) and Burga or Burg meaning mound.

Death and New Life.