Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Well first of all a happy birthday to Woden's Folk, who reached their 18th year of activism on April 23rd (Sigurd's Day). They had one of their largest ever folk-moots with comrades from across the UK and Europe attending.

I was at the moot and the camp and I noticed something during the rituals - a synchronism - in that the Rad rune constantly manifested in various ways. I have been thinking about the rune and the surfacing of the rune in various discussions, ideas and even the name of one Polish kinsman there has led me to have a look at the different meanings and aspects of the rune.

I briefly spoke during the rite-thing (a small chat at the end of the rituals) to discuss the Rad rune. One meaning of the word Rad is in the form of the Radical. Rad means roots and Radical means to go back to your roots. This is why any movement which seeks to maintain their origins are labelled radical by today's liberal degressives

So here are some of the various root meanings of the Rad rune. Most centre around the roots R-T and R-D.

The Rad rune is often the rune of journey and travel - this gives us the word Road and Route. This gives the suggestion of a path to take, but for me this rune seems to be the centre of something which Radiates outwards- like the spokes of a wheel, which is Rad in German, as in the Sonnenrad - something which Rotates. The rune looks like a radio signal coming from a tower? The name Raido certainly sounds the same.

As the rune Rit it represents law. This is the root of Rite and Ritual. Rit is the mirror of Tir, a name of Tyr who is god of the World Pillar and upholds cosmic law. The Rit-Tir is connected to the Ritter or Rider thus we reconnect to the path. Rit is also to write - and we find that the word Rat means to scratch or scrap, which is how the runes would have once been carved. Rat comes from the Proto-Indo European root Red, which is the colour the runes were carved in, in either blood or perhaps the red from the berries of the Rowan tree. Rowan comes from the word rune. Roth is the German word for Red and is the mirror of Thor, the Red bearded Asa.

This idea of writing gives us Rede, which is to give counsel. The Anglo-Saxon term was ræd from were we get 'to read'. This cognate with the Dutch raad "advice, counsel," German Rat "advice, counsel," Old Norse rað "advice, consideration, remedy, power; marriage."

The Rit is the Rider or Ritter. He is from the Männerbund who leads the Raid. 

Last (..but certainly not least) we have Rot. This is to decay, but is rooted once again in 'to redden' - maybe from the idea that some rotting woods like pine turn a very dark red as they decay.  

These are just a few ideas - and I'll certainly expand on the ideas centred on this rune in the future.