Saturday, 16 April 2016

The idea of taxation was alien to the Germanic volk. Only after the conversion (..corruption) of the European royalty to christianity did taxation become part of European culture. An old English word for tax was levy which comes from Levi. This was the name of the biblical tax collector.- clearly 'tax' is rooted in Semitism! The christian name for Levi was Matthew, which came from the Hebrew Mattityahu meaning 'Gift of Yahweh'.   I believe that 'taxation' is a form of semitic worship which dates back to Aaron when he  created a golden bull (Israel) by confiscating the gold from the Israeli tribe - the gold becoming the Gift for Yahweh. Tax is a payment on top of a payment for goods or a service. It is in addition to the charge, and doesn't go to the seller but to a third party- namely the government. Our ancestors would have only paid a fee - this being rooted in runic law.

The word Fee comes from the runic name Feoh, the first letter of the Futhark (German name being Fehu). Generally it means cattle or cow, which would have been the measure of wealth at one time. The Proto-Indo European root was *peku which gave the Nordic countries their word for cow - Ku.

Wulf Ingessunu points out in his books that the phrase 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' (from the fairy story Jack and the Beanstalk) is a runic chant based on the Feoh rune. We know that the phrase was used by William Shakespeare  in his play King Lear. The first two syllables of the chant, Fee-F may be connected to the Anglo-French word Fief which again 'to charge a price' hence it is a fee.

Regarding the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk (just to digress a little here!) this is a very old tale. It occurred to me recently that Jack steals two items from the Ogre - a goose or chicken that lays golden eggs and a lyre/harp. Both these are symbols from the Summer Triangle - Deneb is the  goose/chicken and  and Vega which is found in the constellation of Lyra. Altair, which is the last star in the triangle is in the constellation of the Eagle (Aquilea) and Altair means the Eagle, but in Eastern starlore the star represents the cow-herder (Jack?).