Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I had a dream last night that an owl flew down and landed on my arm. It seems strange as I had been reading about Ishtar and I wonder if the dream is connected. The image of Ishtar above contains her owls - we also see two cats at her feet. The cats are a symbol of Freya and it is my own belief that Ostara (Ishtar) and Freya are the same goddess.

Ostara-Eostra-Ishtar etc represents the planet Venus as she rises in the East, hence her name the East Star from there the christians took the name Easter.  Venus is also the Evening Star (as symbolised by Arwen Evenstar in the Lord of the Rings). Here she represents the goddesses Freya, Kali, Green Tara etc. as goddesses who rule over the twilight and setting sun and the west. 

Here in England we have had a number of storms already this year, far more than usual. March is of course a month connected to a goddess called Hreda / Rheda. Little is known about her but it is assumed she is connected to storms.   

I would like to think that the dream symbolised that the storms are now over for this year and that spring is truly here? OR may be it represents something else? Time will tell!