Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I had a dream last night that an owl flew down and landed on my arm. It seems strange as I had been reading about Ishtar and I wonder if the dream is connected. The image of Ishtar above contains her owls - we also see two cats at her feet. The cats are a symbol of Freya and it is my own belief that Ostara (Ishtar) and Freya are the same goddess.

Ostara-Eostra-Ishtar etc represents the planet Venus as she rises in the East, hence her name the East Star from there the christians took the name Easter.  Venus is also the Evening Star (as symbolised by Arwen Evenstar in the Lord of the Rings). Here she represents the goddesses Freya, Kali, Green Tara etc. as goddesses who rule over the twilight and setting sun and the west. 

Here in England we have had a number of storms already this year, far more than usual. March is of course a month connected to a goddess called Hreda / Rheda. Little is known about her but it is assumed she is connected to storms.   

I would like to think that the dream symbolised that the storms are now over for this year and that spring is truly here? OR may be it represents something else? Time will tell!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Whilst the Irish celebrate their Easter Rising - there is another Easter rising - the Star of the East. We all know the origins of Easter so there's no need to go over that subject, but who is Easter? She is Venus, the Star in the East who shines forth her holy light and raises the Sun in the morn. She is the Goddess of the New Dawn; Light Bringer and Day Breaker!

The English know her as Eostre, the Germans as Ostara. She is a Pan-Aryan goddess and manifests as Arya-Tara. She is the Goddess Tara of the Irish (Eire=Ara) Os-tara, Ish-tar, White Tara and Sitatara of the Ario-Hindu and Buddist faiths.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Widar Rising!

I was going to place a comment on Wotans Krieger's excellent article here -link- but as I started typing it out I thought it would be better to post it here as a short article as I had a few other ideas which I'll include.

Firstly, I was going to comment upon the etymology of the word Widar - which itself is connected to the word 'Resistance'. Widar is of course the god of Resistance. As a woodland god and a bow god we find that the Eoh rune is one rune I connect to Widar. The Eoh rune is the bases of the Wolf Hook (in one of its styles). We find this rune within the shape of the Orion constellation. See here.

Going back to the etymology of Widar - we find this connection with the German word for Resistance - Widerstand! The Old English words withre and  wiðer also mean Resist.

I've added the Wolf Hook picture above - the same as the one Wotans Krieger used because as I was reading his article an idea occurred to me. Like I just said I normally use the Eoh rune as the bases of the Wolf Hook. We know that this Ukrainian version is a binding of the letters N and I. However I noticed a runic element within the symbol - that of two Ur runes rotating around each other.

We call ourselves 'Wodenists' after the English name for Odin. But at the same time we recognise that we are living in Ragnarok - and that the Hanged God is dead. Be this Krist or Odin, it doesn't matter, for the torch as passed from father to son. Widar is the god of this coming world age. Both Widar and Woden are the archetypal gods which are represented by the rotating Ur runes (the son replacing the father). The fact the the Wolf Hook is now such a dominate symbol amongst Volkish Heathens and the racially aware is a clear sign of the growing Resistance towards the destruction of Race and Land, clearly the spirit of Widar is rising within the consciousness of our volk. Widar has taken his fathers place and we shall rise again!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

I received this book in the post today - WAU colouring book - I'll photocopy the pages and give to my children. It is an ideal resource for families with young kids wishing to learn the runes. Ideal book for youngsters who enjoy art! 

The book is produced by the Women for Aryan Unity and doesn't contain any racial message or offensive material.