Monday, 4 January 2016

We have seen in previous posts here and on the Inglinga blog how the Odal rune represents the rune of our racial homelands – and has its roots in At-Al-land (Racial homeland) which is the origins of Atlantis. In this post I’d like to explore ideas that centre on the Man rune – this rune is the Rune of Racial Law.

Racial Law is ancient. This law was introduced into ancient Aryan-India – and we still know of this law as the Caste System. Many try to equate the system with class; however it is clear from these pictures that the system was founded on RACE. The higher classes came from the Aryan peoples, the lower classes from the Dravidian race. Even today many Indians still carry the genes from the Aryan invaders, such as the brilliant blue eyes on this young Indian girl – 


It was the god Manu who bought the Laws of Race to India. It has be said his symbol was a Golden Swastika upon a Blue banner – a colour system still used in parts of Germany and Eastern England, as well as being the national colours of Sweden. The god Manu incarnates during each world age. We are living in Manu’s seventh incarnation – and his symbols include a White Boar (A Saxon symbol) which represents his current incarnation. It was Manu, under his banner of the Swastika, who led the Aryans to safety before a great world flood – a saga which has lead many to believe this is the origin of the story of Noah.

Golden Swastika of Manu

The root word ‘Man’ referred to ‘Human’ or a person, either man or female. In the English tongue this word was Man or Mann,  in Avestan the word was Manu, which links back to the Aryan god.  

We equate Manu with the Germanic god Mannus, who was the son of Tuisto and the father of the three Germanic  tribes - Ingaevones, Herminones and the Istvaeones. His rune is the Man rune – which itself is a symbol with refers to Racial Law as the rune is both the 14th rune of the Younger Futhark and also represents two Wynn runes facing each other – Wynn being the 8th rune, thus the Man rune is connected to the numbers 14 and 8-8!