Thursday, 7 January 2016

Today is St Distaff day. So what does that mean? Originally a distaff was a tool used for spinning wool and is associated with the goddess Frigga and also the Norns. So important was Frigga's distaff as a symbol that the christian church simply sainted the distaff - and is  the only object that I know off that has been sainted. Orion's Belt is also referred to as Frigga's Distaff. The image we have of 'witches' flying on a broomstick has its origins in the imagery of Frigga riding her distaff - as can be seen in the image below. 'Riding' the distaff has of course sexual overtones - the name Frigga being the root of 'frigg' meaning female masturbation.

What we have with this holiday is a completion of the Yuletide season, which starts around the 6th December with Wodan's Day, and ends of the 7th January with Frigga's Day. Thus the holiday is both balanced between the male and female, with the solstice-sonnenwende in the middle - and a transition between the dark into light.