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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Hagal rune invocation by Hamasson from the Woden's Folk website. 

Hayalaz invocation 

Hail to the sun. 
Hallowed is the rain. 
Holy and Haloed 
Is the Crowned and Conquering Son.

 Healthy and Wholeness 
Shield us from darkness. 
Hail storm and Hael light;
 The sun shines above. 

Sun Hael and Sieg Heil! 
Be happy and whole! 
Hallo and hay! 
We greet the sun’s light.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Plough Monday!

Today is Plough Monday - a very old English holiday (no longer observed) which marks the start of the agricultural year. The symbol of the plough is a very important one - and should not be overlooked, for the term 'Aryan' meant 'one who works the plough'.  This is from the PIE root Are/Ara. The Welsh word Arddu (to plough) may even cognate with the word Erda - the Earth.

The constellation of Ursa Major partly represents the plough and was known to the Norse as Arþr, which is the root of the name 'Arthur's Wain', a christianised version of 'Woden's Wain' - a Saxon name for the constellation of the Plough.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


The word Fuhrer is synonymous with Hitler. But what does the word mean? Generally it means 'leader' and this is the translation most people use. But it also related to the words for travel and companion, as we will see.

It was   the  German medieval chronicler Adam von Bremen who wrote -  Wodan id est furor! Wodan, he who is Fury! If we look at the word for fury -Furor- we can see how it derives from the same root as Fuhrer. The Fuhrer is the rider, who leads the Wild Hunt! The Son of Wotan who woke Germany to a twelve year Reich (12 being the sacred number in Yule rites when Woden leds the Wild Hunt over Germania). 

There are many Germanic words which cognate with 'Fuhrer'. One old English word is 'Fere' which came from the proto Germanic word 'for-ja'. This was a 'companion'. This word evolved into the Germanic word 'forjan', itself becoming 'fuoren' then 'fuhrer'. The word 'faran' meant 'one who travels' or 'to set forth'. In the Dutch language this became 'Fare', as well as in English, though not  widely used any more.

These examples are from the Germanic world. But the idea of the 'fuhrer' is of course pan-Aryan. In the ancient Aryan world we find  more examples of the word Fuhrer. In Aryan Persia (Iran) the Zoroastrian symbol of the Faravahar was also know as the furōhar or  frawahr. 
The Rune Poems give us a collective interpretation of the runes, however  they are no substitute for the self discovery and insight which comes from years of rune-working. Below are two examples of runic poetry which show how the individual authors have interpreted the runes based on their own life experiences.  The Runes of Might is an old Woden's Folk poem. The second poem Hitlerist Futhork of the Kristian Aqu-Arian Age is from the Siddharreich blog. Every insight adds to the collective wisdom of runic knowledge. In turn, when we use the runes we draw power and strength from this collective and grow from its energy. They are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of our blood. A gift from Woden the blind, who hung upon the World Tree.

Runes of Might


Horned One, Wild in the Walds,
Wild as the Wild-Fire,
Fierce force of the forests.


Might of the Ur-Ox,
Force wielded by Ingwe,
Horns holler, rune-roarer.


Sleep-thorn that pricks the Sleeping-Goddess,
Idunn sleeps 'neath the White Wolf-Skin;
Thorn of Awakening - awaken the Dawn.


Woden the Wizard,
Wielder of word-might,
Oski and Omi - roarer of runes.


Wheel of Right Order,
Rita and Ritual,
Riding the Right Road.


Fire of the Dragon,
Kon-Fire of Konungr,
Forge of the Smith.


Gift-giver, gold-giver,
Gift from the Gods,
Gift to the Folk.


Wise Woden - Wild Huntsman,
Ride wild in the Woods,
Winsome and wholesome, runes of perfection.


Hael-Rune, Hail-Rune, Hail from the heavens,
Bane of the Serpent
Brings wholeness and health.


Need-Sword of Sigmund,
The Volsunga Warrior,
The Sword that was broken,
Reforged by Sigurd.


The Sword from the Oak-Tree,
The 'I' is renewed, the iron reforged,
Sword of the Volsungs.


Ar-Rune of the Eagle,
Law of the Ar-Kan, the wheel ever turns,
Reaping good harvest.


Wuldor-father, Glory-father,
Ski-God, Bow-God - Wolf-lord of kin,
The evergreen Yew-Tree.


Wondrous Wyrd, Weaver of the Web;
Worthy the Word-Sword
Wielder of woes.


Wound-wielder, Elk-Twins,
White Hart of England,
War-Warriors in the Wasteland.


Sons of the Sun - Glory of Light;
The Serpent of Wisdom -
Light of the Solar-Race;
Creative Light of the Black Sun -
The Hidden Sun.


Sky-Father, Father of Kin,
Shining One, Father of Law, Bringer of Justice;
God of the Tribe.


Birth-Goddess, Goddess of Dawn,
Berkan, dance upon the Edel-Lands,
Renew the Edel-Lands.


Hengest and Horsa, Horse-Twins of the English,
Founders of this Holy Land;
Hengest wielded the Sword of the Hun.


Rune of Manu - Hama, the Shining Ase;
Awaker of Gods and Men,
Rig-Hama brings the Law of Kin.


Ur-Law and Ar-Law, Leech-Law, Lacnunga,
Virile Power of the Holy Gods,
The Might of the Warrior.


Rune of the Hero - Ing-Lord of Ing-Land,
Ing, Son of Man-nus, founder of Folkdom,
Lord of the Age - Lord of the Kin.


Darkness to Light - Night turns to day,
Dawn is ever the hope of Men,
Hail the New Dawn!


Rune of the Homeland, At-al-land sunken,
Thule is awoken in the hearts of men,
Noble-born folk, akin to the soil.


Strength of the Oak-Tree,
Lore of the Wise,
Earth-born to water, new worlds enfolding.


Woden - Wise Ase of Asgard, Ash-God and Spear-God,
Ancestral-God, Ancestral Spirits,
Strength of the World Ash - Tree of the Folk.


Ur-Tribes of the Wolf,
Wielding the Word-Sword,
The worlds are awoken.


From Earth to Water - change-rune of the serpent,
Hope can be kindled,
When burst are the chains of restriction.


Earth-grave is horror to the Light-Born,
To the AEthlinga who takes up the struggle,
Straw-death is for the herd-like.


Rune of Valhalla - Way of the Gods,
The Way of the AEthlinga - Fire-Snake awoken,
Rune of Transcendence.


The Mysteries of Death - releasing the fetters
Cup of the Gra-al,
The Horn of Plenty.


Stone of the White Horse,
Grave-mark of Horsa,
Wyrd set the Stone of Ing.


Stone of the Wise - Stone of Ing,
Gift of Ing given to the Inga-Folk;
Hidden in the Holy Blood -
Power of the Spear of Woden.

Hitlerist Futhork of the Kristian Aqu-Arian Age

FA  –  AF

The Asen Gods. The rune of the Gods. Fa-Tor Wotan crucified in stone as the Asen Hyperborean God came to this earth to wage war with the Demiurge, in “plasmic emanation”, hanging on the fourth star-stone pillar of the Exter-steine.

UR  –  RU

The rune of Urigins. Ur-fatherland. Hyperborea. First Hyperborea is located under the thick dense coating of Maya, the pristine Universe of ghost particles which was plagiarized by the devil Jehovah-Yahweh.


The fire-needles that surround the “Sleeping Beauty”, the thorn that guards the Rose. The “difficult test once again”. Rune of the battle in Maya. Of wielding the sword called “Blood Memory”.

OS  –  SO

The “Word”, the Log-OS, Logos, the breath of God. The “Geist”, the spirit, wind, the Utterance and the Uriginal-Urge which the Demi-urge is always plagiarizing. A direct transmission of energy. A Thought Unthought. Telepathy for the High Initiates.


Rita, the Divine Right, that which is Right, Rita. Divine Rite, the Divine Right of Kings, Nobles, Lords. The Knightly rune. The Law. Divine Truth. Feme. Five. The Holy Vehm. The Rod, the Staff. The Rite and Ritual. Rune of Kings, of God-Kings.

KA  –  AK

Rune of Esoteric mysteries. The Path. Phonetic Orphic Ka-ba-la. Kaa-ba. Cave. Yogini. The stone which fell from heaven. The Black Stone. The Gral. Ar-Ka. The Ark. Arcadium. Arktos. Antarctica. Arm raised in salute. Sieg Heil. Nigredo.


The rune of El/Ella. MAN rune, of Him. IR rune, of Her. The androgynous. Kristos-Krishna. The Blood of Kristos. Symbol of the tormented Age of Pisces according to Esoteric Hitlerism which was stolen by the Eternal Enemy as the “Star of David”.


Rune of deep longing and nostalgia. The Ur-NEED. The weapon the Gods give to Us. The Mission of Esoteric Hitlerism. To slice open a wound-window into demiurgic space-time and create an exit, a strategic departure.

IS  –  SI

Rune of the Black Virgin, of IS-IS, Isis. She who impregnates the Hero with the Son of Man through “Cold Birth”. The cold light, frozen light of the Black Sun. The rune of the Astral Body. Rune of the Soror Mystika.

AR  –  RA

Rune of the Aryan, the Arman, the Ar. The noble spirit. Herr. The Lord. Ar-Hari. The loyalty, fidelity, highest flight and watchful eye of the Eagle. Arr. The Sun behind the sun. The Priest-Warriors (w-Ariors). Orion. The Eternal Flame of Zarathustra. Hvareno Ur Farr. Albedo.


Rune of Lightning. The Morning and Evening Star, the Double Star of Esoteric Hitlerism represented by the double Sieg runes of the SS. Victory. Solar salvation. Polar divinity. The rune of Wotan’s war, thus our war.


Tuisko, the Sky Father. Tuis, Zeus. Magical Realism. The rune which opens the exit, the strategic departure. Sacrifice. The Divine Will of the Hyperboreans who sacrificed their immortality to transfigure the enslaved earth.


Rune of esoteric warfare. Bar-Bar-Os, Barbarossa. Barbarian. To lose “here” so that one wins “there”. The sleeping King. The rune of Adolf Hitler, the twice born God (Bar-Bar), the Man to Come as revealed in Operation Bar-Bar-Os. Rune of the Losers of the Second Earth of Kali Yuga and victors on the First Earth.


Rune of High Initiation. The Way, the Truth, the Light. The rune of the Immortals. The Guides who watch and conduct us from the Green Ray. The body of Kristos. The daily bread. Life, Loaf.


The man with his arms upraised to heaven. The rune of Will. El, Him. Rune of magical re-birth. The rune which gives the Hero his means to depart this tormented earth. Life rune.

IR  –  RI

The man hurled downward and into Demiurgic space-time. Rune of the fallen Lucifer. Rune of the Hero, wielding a sword, entering into combat within enemy grounds to save Her, to transfigure Himself, Her and the enslavement of nature in solidarity and synchronicity. Rune of mystical death. Ella, Her. Death rune.

EH  –  HE

Rune of Nos, of Esoteric Hitlerism, of the Ehrean. Sacred Amor. Magical Coitus, Heiros-Gamos. The magical rune of Elella and Ellael. United and Separated, Separated in Unity.


The rune of the left-turning swastika. The re-turn to Hyperborea. Implosion. The Black Sun


Odal, the rune of Wotan, also, the Solar Fish, the great “Whale” that swallowed Jonah in the Kristian myth, perhaps the boats that carried the Priest-Kings to all the various continents after Atlantis, to resurrect the Odinic/Kristic mysteries of the Ur-Homeland. With elevated monuments, man-made mountains, man-made caves, dedicated to the Sky Gods, and also, the Goddesses of the Kaaba, the Cave, the Center. For this is also the rune of Resurrection, Rubedo. The red rune of immortal vajra, of the diamond body, hard as rubies. Ancestral Ur-Lands.


The rune of Venus-Lucifer. The absolute rune of Totality. The green rune of the Green Ray. Nothing beyond this exists. Two Hagal runes, one vertical-masculine, one horizontal-feminine, overlaid in the Heiros-Gamos, in the Magical Coitus, Lingam/Yogini, the rune of Nos, of the Morning and Evening Star, in the chord of A, which is in fact the same star. The goal of Esoteric Hitlerism is seen within this symbolism of the Morning and Evening Star.

RU  –  UR

It is Ur, the Ur-igins, but from the other-side of the mirror, coming from the fut-UR or future, it is the white horse, the Vimana, the UFO, in which the Ultimate Avatar Vishnu-Kalki will enter “here” by opening the wound-window of Venus, after galloping through the Golden Sun, a portal to our Black Sun. The Ru rune is the Wafeln, the ghost ship of the North Pole, it is the Caleuche of the South Pole. The ghost ship with all its lights ablaze, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, Die Herron von Schwartze Stein, DHvSS. The Lords of the Black Son, of the Kaaba. The Uriginal stone that fell to earth from heaven. A black meteorite resides there. To be fitted again on Lucifer’s crown when he returns to end the Kali Yuga as Unam. Then the Golden Age will commence.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Today is St Distaff day. So what does that mean? Originally a distaff was a tool used for spinning wool and is associated with the goddess Frigga and also the Norns. So important was Frigga's distaff as a symbol that the christian church simply sainted the distaff - and is  the only object that I know off that has been sainted. Orion's Belt is also referred to as Frigga's Distaff. The image we have of 'witches' flying on a broomstick has its origins in the imagery of Frigga riding her distaff - as can be seen in the image below. 'Riding' the distaff has of course sexual overtones - the name Frigga being the root of 'frigg' meaning female masturbation.

What we have with this holiday is a completion of the Yuletide season, which starts around the 6th December with Wodan's Day, and ends of the 7th January with Frigga's Day. Thus the holiday is both balanced between the male and female, with the solstice-sonnenwende in the middle - and a transition between the dark into light. 

Monday, 4 January 2016

The rune of the Saxon Hof

In this runic type symbol we see the shape of a Hof  via the crossed horse headed gables - sometimes referred to as Hengest and Hors – both mean ‘horse’ and are names closely associated with the Saxon chieftains Hengest and Horsa , which has lead me to believe that Hengest and Horsa were the titles of the Saxon-Jutish leaders and not their actual  name as many believe. This is furthered by the many examples of the Swan headed gables also found on Saxon farmhouses. Hengest had a sister called ‘Swana’ which meant swan. Ash was the name of Hengest's son – and the word Ash again means ‘horse’ in many ancient Aryan languages (including the Baltic regions as well as Aryan India).

3rd SS Panzer Division emblem

'Hengest and Hors' on the shield of Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings

Many folk will have noticed the same symbolism in the Lord of the Ring films. Many of the names of the folk of Rohan were taken from the runic names for ‘horse’ – the White Horse being the symbol of the Saxons. The name ‘Eomer’ was in fact the name of a Saxon king from Mercia (England). The Eoh rune which represents the Yew Bow was also a term for a War-Horse in Old English. The English of course produced world famous archers. But so important is the symbol of the ‘Hengest and Hors’ in that its meaning is so root in Saxon history and lore I am surprised it is not a symbol still widely used in England, as it is in Germany and the Baltic. National Socialist Germany made many efforts to revive this Saxon symbol. We, as English Wodenist need to be doing the same.

We have seen in previous posts here and on the Inglinga blog how the Odal rune represents the rune of our racial homelands – and has its roots in At-Al-land (Racial homeland) which is the origins of Atlantis. In this post I’d like to explore ideas that centre on the Man rune – this rune is the Rune of Racial Law.

Racial Law is ancient. This law was introduced into ancient Aryan-India – and we still know of this law as the Caste System. Many try to equate the system with class; however it is clear from these pictures that the system was founded on RACE. The higher classes came from the Aryan peoples, the lower classes from the Dravidian race. Even today many Indians still carry the genes from the Aryan invaders, such as the brilliant blue eyes on this young Indian girl – 


It was the god Manu who bought the Laws of Race to India. It has be said his symbol was a Golden Swastika upon a Blue banner – a colour system still used in parts of Germany and Eastern England, as well as being the national colours of Sweden. The god Manu incarnates during each world age. We are living in Manu’s seventh incarnation – and his symbols include a White Boar (A Saxon symbol) which represents his current incarnation. It was Manu, under his banner of the Swastika, who led the Aryans to safety before a great world flood – a saga which has lead many to believe this is the origin of the story of Noah.

Golden Swastika of Manu

The root word ‘Man’ referred to ‘Human’ or a person, either man or female. In the English tongue this word was Man or Mann,  in Avestan the word was Manu, which links back to the Aryan god.  

We equate Manu with the Germanic god Mannus, who was the son of Tuisto and the father of the three Germanic  tribes - Ingaevones, Herminones and the Istvaeones. His rune is the Man rune – which itself is a symbol with refers to Racial Law as the rune is both the 14th rune of the Younger Futhark and also represents two Wynn runes facing each other – Wynn being the 8th rune, thus the Man rune is connected to the numbers 14 and 8-8!

Friday, 1 January 2016