Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Three Sisters

The story of the three wise men who follow a star until they arrive at the birth of jesus is really the story of the solstice and the rebirth of the sun.

This year the Solstice starts on the 22nd and is the day with the longest night. For the next three days the length of daylight stays the same. It is not until the 4th day - usually around the 25th or xmas day is there a measurable change in the length of daylight.

We should not dismiss the christian idea of xmas being the birth of the 'son' - as early christians based their imagery of jesus upon the sun-god Apollo and other Sun-heroes who were born on this day. Xmas day is really the first day of the new Solar Year, and heralds the birth of the Sun God - be he Mithra, Apollo, Helgi, Horus, Krishna or Krist (amongst others).

However the three wise men were no doubt the three Norns - as it is the Norns who rule over the three days prior to xmas - three days when the sun stands still (from were we get the term Solstice and Sunstead meaning the Sun is Still). The Three Norns are represented by the three Stars of Orion's Belt - Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The Boer still call these stars the Drie Susters (Three Sisters). 

The Norns standing over the cradle with a child. In one of their hands a Norn carries a distaff. The distaff later became a symbol of Frigg - and the name of Orion's Belt is still called Frigg's (also Freya's) Distaff by some. Such an important heathen symbol - christianity later sainted the symbol of the distaff. Saint Distaff day is the first day after the 12 days of christmas or 7th January - which is christmas day according to the orthodox church.