Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The SS Family.

This is a wonderful reprint by the 55 Club of Fritz Weitzel's 'SS Family Celebrations' book. Weitzel was one of the many SS men who left the church in order to embrace the new religion of National Socialism. His original book was a guide for SS men eager to learn about the pagan origins of many of the christian holidays and how they could practice these customs removed of their judeo-christian distortions. Weitzel describes the origins of Yule, Easter and many of the runes amongst other things.

Many years ago Ulric of England reproduced an excellent version of this book - which are now very much sort after and can be costly. For people interested in Weitzels work, there is a pdf file which can be found online, which is based on Ulric's copy, however it sadly contains many mistakes. The author wrongly translates Jul - meaning Yule or the Solstice (German Sonnenwende) into July - which is like translating winter into summer!   So for anyone interested in this classic Aryan work, the reprinting of this book by the 55 Club is excellent news. Not only have the 55 Club accurately translated Weitzels work, they have expanded the book with numerous Germanic songs, poems and pictures all fitting for the appropriate custom and holiday. This is certainly a worthy book to have in your collection - and with the sonnenwende only weeks away the production of this book right now could not be more timely!  Well done to the 55 Club for bringing this book back into circulation!

original 1930's edition.