Sunday, 6 December 2015

Happy Wodan's Day!

 Today is  Wodan's Day, not to be confused with Wednesday, but the feast of Wodan which is held on the 6th December. This day is sometimes known as Little Yule. I've used a continental Germanic spelling here, as Odin-Woden is known in the Low Countries by the name Wodan, where this particular holiday is still observed.

This day is now known as St Nicolas day, but we know Nicolas as a christianised form of the Northern God. Much of Wodan's symbolism has still survived and can be seen in Nicholas. The sacred colours of Germania - Red White and Black - Santa's traditional 'home' at the North Pole (Thule), and in Europe (unlike here in England were 'Santa' is normally pulled in his sleigh by reindeer) he is still often depicted riding a white horse, which is such important Aryan symbolism, and represents the fact he is a Sun-Solar god. It's no wonder that many fundamentalist christians reject the pagan tradition of christmas  and call Santa Claus 'Satan Claus'! And to be fair, the name 'Old Nick, which is one used in England for the devil, is both a reference to Nicolas, but also was a name used by Woden of the English!!