Monday, 21 December 2015

During the National Socialist years some occultists refrained from using terms like Jesus and Christ. In fact references to Jesus, shepherds and angels had already been banned from children's books. Instead they used the name Frauja, the name of Jesus as it was written in the Gothic bible. Frauja is a title, meaning lord - but it was also the Gothic name of the Vanir lord and god Frey. No doubt the use of the name was a deliberate tactic by early christians as a means of converting the pagans to christianity - by sharing the same name for their 'lord' as the god Frey. As one of the symbols of Frey was the wild boar, this is most likely the origins of the yuletide roasted boar or pig. A feast which would have been held in his honour. This custom has almost died out in England, replaced by the American imported tradition of eating Turkey. It hasn't helped that there is a deliberate attempt to destroy pig farming in the UK by the state. Fuelled by recent media stories about how pig products give you cancer! (I thought it was all the chemicals big food industries added to their products - including chemicals added to animal feed!) Walter Darre was no doubt right when he pointed out the pig was a symbol of civilised folk. The nomadic tribes of the middle east - be they semitic or otherwise would not have been able to herd pigs, thus they became a shunned animal in their eyes.