Monday, 21 December 2015

During the National Socialist years some occultists refrained from using terms like Jesus and Christ. In fact references to Jesus, shepherds and angels had already been banned from children's books. Instead they used the name Frauja, the name of Jesus as it was written in the Gothic bible. Frauja is a title, meaning lord - but it was also the Gothic name of the Vanir lord and god Frey. No doubt the use of the name was a deliberate tactic by early christians as a means of converting the pagans to christianity - by sharing the same name for their 'lord' as the god Frey. As one of the symbols of Frey was the wild boar, this is most likely the origins of the yuletide roasted boar or pig. A feast which would have been held in his honour. This custom has almost died out in England, replaced by the American imported tradition of eating Turkey. It hasn't helped that there is a deliberate attempt to destroy pig farming in the UK by the state. Fuelled by recent media stories about how pig products give you cancer! (I thought it was all the chemicals big food industries added to their products - including chemicals added to animal feed!) Walter Darre was no doubt right when he pointed out the pig was a symbol of civilised folk. The nomadic tribes of the middle east - be they semitic or otherwise would not have been able to herd pigs, thus they became a shunned animal in their eyes.

Yuletide and Thor

The imagery surrounding Santa most notably comes from Woden-Odin, especially in the Low countries where 'christmas' is celebrated on the 6th December - which was originally known as 'Little Yule' or 'Wodan's Day' (Wodan with an A is the Low countries spelling). However in the Nordic countries, Santa inherited many attributes from Thor. Even his Reindeer inherited the names Donnar and Blitzen or Thunder and Lightning! In the Northern lands it is the Julbock - the Yule Goat, who carries Santa around as he hands out presents to the children.
The Yule Goat which has its origins as Thor's goat.

The sacred colours of Yule are the sacred colours of Germania! The black Ivy berry - the white Mistletoe - the red Holly. The plants have the most association within European solstice traditions. These colours are also the colours of the Three Norns - who rule over the three days when the sun stands still (from where we get the term solstice  Latin or Sunstead English, literally the sun stands still) which run from the 21st, the start of the solstice - to the 24th. The 25th is the first day of the new Solar year, hence the sun is reborn. The Norns are the sacred Mothers - which is why our ancestors celebrated Mother's Night at this time. Nuremberg in Germania is of course the seat of the Norns!   

Sunday, 20 December 2015

When we National Socialists speak of a belief in God, by God we do not understand, as do naive Christians and their clerical beneficiaries, a manlike being who is sitting around in some corner of the sphere… the force which moves all these bodies in the universe, in accordance with natural law, is what we call the Almighty or God… The more thoroughly we know and attend to the laws of nature and life, the more we adhere to them, the more do we correspond to the will of the Almighty. The deeper our insight into the will of the Almighty, the greater will be our success.

 – Reichsleiter Martin Bormann
The Three Sisters

The story of the three wise men who follow a star until they arrive at the birth of jesus is really the story of the solstice and the rebirth of the sun.

This year the Solstice starts on the 22nd and is the day with the longest night. For the next three days the length of daylight stays the same. It is not until the 4th day - usually around the 25th or xmas day is there a measurable change in the length of daylight.

We should not dismiss the christian idea of xmas being the birth of the 'son' - as early christians based their imagery of jesus upon the sun-god Apollo and other Sun-heroes who were born on this day. Xmas day is really the first day of the new Solar Year, and heralds the birth of the Sun God - be he Mithra, Apollo, Helgi, Horus, Krishna or Krist (amongst others).

However the three wise men were no doubt the three Norns - as it is the Norns who rule over the three days prior to xmas - three days when the sun stands still (from were we get the term Solstice and Sunstead meaning the Sun is Still). The Three Norns are represented by the three Stars of Orion's Belt - Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The Boer still call these stars the Drie Susters (Three Sisters). 

The Norns standing over the cradle with a child. In one of their hands a Norn carries a distaff. The distaff later became a symbol of Frigg - and the name of Orion's Belt is still called Frigg's (also Freya's) Distaff by some. Such an important heathen symbol - christianity later sainted the symbol of the distaff. Saint Distaff day is the first day after the 12 days of christmas or 7th January - which is christmas day according to the orthodox church. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The SS Family.

This is a wonderful reprint by the 55 Club of Fritz Weitzel's 'SS Family Celebrations' book. Weitzel was one of the many SS men who left the church in order to embrace the new religion of National Socialism. His original book was a guide for SS men eager to learn about the pagan origins of many of the christian holidays and how they could practice these customs removed of their judeo-christian distortions. Weitzel describes the origins of Yule, Easter and many of the runes amongst other things.

Many years ago Ulric of England reproduced an excellent version of this book - which are now very much sort after and can be costly. For people interested in Weitzels work, there is a pdf file which can be found online, which is based on Ulric's copy, however it sadly contains many mistakes. The author wrongly translates Jul - meaning Yule or the Solstice (German Sonnenwende) into July - which is like translating winter into summer!   So for anyone interested in this classic Aryan work, the reprinting of this book by the 55 Club is excellent news. Not only have the 55 Club accurately translated Weitzels work, they have expanded the book with numerous Germanic songs, poems and pictures all fitting for the appropriate custom and holiday. This is certainly a worthy book to have in your collection - and with the sonnenwende only weeks away the production of this book right now could not be more timely!  Well done to the 55 Club for bringing this book back into circulation!

original 1930's edition.

Oh, Black Sun!
Absorb me in thy light
Faster than light from
The Golden Sun
And take me up into
The inexistence of
The Green Thunderbolt
Where the Maestros dwell
Of my Maestro
And the highest Guides of
Esoteric Hitlerism
Enflesh me into thy existence
More real than all existing
And help me to realize
Impossible dreams
The Resurrection of the A-Mada.
The return of the Führer, Adolf Hitler
The re-creation of Esoteric Hitlerism
And possession of the Archetype
Until the consummation of his Myth
And his Legend
In Resurrection with the body of
Immortal Varja.
Let me return to the Black Sun.”   

–   Miguel Serrano

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The custom has developed of remembering the dead of the war and of the movement by throwing wreaths into the solstice fire. For several years, the SS has organized a strong, manly dance with torches that ends with the lighting of the fire. The impact of the solstice fire comes more through actions and symbols than through words. The last part of the march to the site of the fire is silent. The speech at the site of the fire must be brief and compelling. It must be an appeal to action, not simply a statement that our ancestors celebrated this way a long time ago. The experience of the towering flames, the winter stars, and the snow-covered German landscape means more to us than words.

- by Wilhelm Beilstein

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Black Front Press are currently reprinting Wulf's two excellent books. If you missed out the first time round, here's your chance to obtain a copy! But be quick - the first edition sold out in 24 hours!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

“As long as our people remain true to the customs of our fathers, as long as the flames burn from the mountain tops at mid-summer solstice and from the German countryside at mid-winter, so long will glow the spark of enthusiasm that will burst into flame when the people most needs it, the flame in which the traitors, troublemakers, and liars who threaten our people will meet their well-deserved end.”

- Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The image below links to a pdf file located on the Woden's Folk website and contains some excellent information regarding the Germanic origins of Yuletide.

Happy Wodan's Day!

 Today is  Wodan's Day, not to be confused with Wednesday, but the feast of Wodan which is held on the 6th December. This day is sometimes known as Little Yule. I've used a continental Germanic spelling here, as Odin-Woden is known in the Low Countries by the name Wodan, where this particular holiday is still observed.

This day is now known as St Nicolas day, but we know Nicolas as a christianised form of the Northern God. Much of Wodan's symbolism has still survived and can be seen in Nicholas. The sacred colours of Germania - Red White and Black - Santa's traditional 'home' at the North Pole (Thule), and in Europe (unlike here in England were 'Santa' is normally pulled in his sleigh by reindeer) he is still often depicted riding a white horse, which is such important Aryan symbolism, and represents the fact he is a Sun-Solar god. It's no wonder that many fundamentalist christians reject the pagan tradition of christmas  and call Santa Claus 'Satan Claus'! And to be fair, the name 'Old Nick, which is one used in England for the devil, is both a reference to Nicolas, but also was a name used by Woden of the English!!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The good folk over at MD have released a 'kultural' blog, which I was unaware off until they asked me to give a short Q&A on my favourite books! The blog contains some excellent articles on a whole range of subjects that Volkisch Runology readers will certainly enjoy. Click picture to follow link!