Saturday, 28 November 2015

I've posted articles (and a short video) about the runic elements of the Ehrenring before, however there is a lot more symbolism within the ring which goes unnoticed. 

The Sieg-Sig runes for example are displayed within triangles. The Sieg rune within the triangle represented the triumph of the will, with the three sides of the triangle representing the three fold aspects of birth-life-death and past-present-future, symbolising the life long commitment the SS man had to National Socialism.

The Hagall (Hagal) rune represents Heil. Together with the Sieg rune we get the runic formula Sieg Heil! Not only does this mean Hail Victory, but also Good Health! The Hagal rune within the hexagon forms a symbol which many Armanen runologists refered to as the 'Mother' rune - as symbol from which all the Armanen runes could be found.