Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Widar and HarmWulf

This image is taken from one of the many different covers of the Wehrbauern classic Der Wehrwolf (The WarWolf). The book was made famous during National Socialist Germany. This picture certainly holds certain important symbolism, as we can clearly see the Summer Triangle star formation, which I believe signifies awakening of the folk-conscience and the rising of the folk-hero. The WarWolf is about one such hero- HarmWulf, who leads a Saxon revolt during the oppressive Thirty Years War. It was through this character that Hermann Lons made the Wolf-Hook such an important resistance symbol. The symbols of the Stary Triangle and the Wolf-Hook are also connected to the forest god Widar (He who Returns) - and as we can see from the following section of Wulf's Prophecy (bottom), is linked to the Triangle. Interestingly the Flemish folk used both the Triangle (Delta) and the Wolf-Hook together as emblems for their Volkisch movements. And we should not forget what we called 'Anglo-Saxon' England includes much Flemish, Dutch and Frisian blood - which really makes England a Germanic Confederacy.

At the Centre of the Tree,
The Black Sun shines, tho' few can see:
Through the Triangle shall come
Widar - The Avenging Son!