Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Wolf Hook and the Eoh rune

This style of Wolf Hook is based on the rune Eoh (Eihwaz) which is the Yew rune. The Yew, in my personal opinion represents the Yggdrasil tree - which in one aspect is the Yew-Dale home to the hunter god Wuldor.

If you look at the  Armanen Yr-Yew rune, which is most commonly seen as the 'death rune' - we see that the rune is in the image of the Yew tree. A central stave is the trunk, with the Yew trees low branches. The Anglo-Saxon Eoh rune looks very different, however the rune still represents the Yew tree, this time the rune shows the life cycle of the tree. 

Yew trees grow when a branch from an old Yew reached the ground. This branch will develop roots and a new trunk will take root and grow. New branches grow from this tree, and  the cycle continues. 

The Death rune is based on the runic image of the Yew with the trees low hanging branches. Because of the Yews association with death and our forefathers belief in the afterlife, our ancestors held their Bael blots (death-rites) under Yew trees. The christians later continued using these same sites, thus so many graveyards contain Yews.

I've often associated this style of Wolf Hook with the constellation of Orion - see my article here. Orion the Hunter is Wuldor the Hunter, who dwells in the Yew-Dale. He often takes on the role of Woden during the winter months - as the Constellation of Orion rises in the west during the winter.