Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The runes are a part of the Germanic mindset  - and  as an extension we find numerous 'runic' symbols across the entire Aryan world. Now the most common 'complaint' thrown at the volkisch heathen is that the 'Nazis' misused the runes! Bear in mind it was a jew who invented the blank rune and wiccans who invented 'celtic' runes. The simple truth is that the Nation Socialists did more to revive the ancient Germanic traditions and bring runic lore back to the forefront of Germanic culture than anyone else in the modern era.

To prove this here is a simple 'test' anyone can perform. Try searching google images for the various runes. If you search for 'Odal rune', 'Life rune,' 'Tyr rune' etc. nearly every picture it brings up has a volkisch element to the image. This is not because that google has chosen these images at random - its because these images represent the most sort after image connected to a search of that name. The association between the runes and National Socialism is clear - and what this proves is that the use of the runes is dominated by the Volkisch Germanic Heathen, that the runes are still prominent within the Volkisch Germanic mindset - and it is the 'anti racist' pagans and wiccans who misuse them.