Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Rune of the Eagle

When visualising the runes I often see flashes of 'inspiration' that lead me to research a certain word or idea. This often leads to more ideas and a better understanding of the runes - and our interpretation of the runes grows. Never believe that the runes and their meanings will never change - for they constantly evolve.

Today, whilst visualising the Ear rune I saw the rune transform in my mind. The rune stave morphed into an Eagle, its out stretched wings with a long tail. Its well noted that the 'Ar' rune is connected to the Eagle, however I believe that the Ear rune is and extension of the Ar rune and that their meanings and symbolism overlap.

In the article here - I connect the Ar and Ear rune to the concept of Nobility and the Aryan, via the runes connection to farming and wheat - remember the Ar rune is also the rune of the plough. The root of 'Eagle' is from the Germanic 'Arnuz', which is rooted in the Ar rune - the Old English is Earn, rooted in the rune Ear - the old Gothic term is Ara - which links the Eagle with the Aryan and Nobility (Ara-Ehre) -  The Eagle is a the symbol of the Aryan race.

If you read the post on the Woden's Folk blog - here - you can see how one symbol can represent two opposing forces.  The Eagle is another symbol which fits this idea. The Eagle a sign of the Aryan Volk, especially the Germanic peoples - and can been seen as a symbol idealising both the ancient Germanic tribes under Herman the Cherusci and the Roman armies that tried to conquer Germania.  Rarely seen on the Herman statue in Germany is Germany's national hero crushing the Roman Eagle into the ground. 

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

For those interested in the esoteric aspects of the runes - In Wulf's Prophecy there is a section that refers to the 'Triangle'. I believe that this is the summer Triangle that is made of the three stars -Altair, Deneb, and Vega. These three stars are each found in the constellations Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra respectively. The Long Man in Sussex is a representation of this. Aquila is the Latin term for Eagle. Deneb represents the tail of the Swan (Cygnus) and the Head of an Eagle. The constellation of Cygnus is also a representation of the Ear rune, so it seems that the Rune could represent the Swan (Valkyrie) in its feminine form an the Eagle (Woden) in is masculine form.