Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Rune of the Hooded Man

Today is the Eventide - which is the English term for the Equinox, which means 'Equal Night', so I though today would be the ideal day to explain about the image above which is used by various Wodenists here in England.

Firstly the rune is of course the Odal rune - Od being the root of Odin/Woden as well as 'Hood'. The picture is in the three sacred colours of Germania - the Black White and Red. The outline is red which represents the Red Hood which symbolises the initiated. There are many examples of 'Red Hoods' in fairy tales. These are often indications of the initiated and initiation rites.   

Secondly, the Odal rune is split into two halves, one side white, the other black. On one level we can see two Sowilo (Sig/Sigel) runes. One white Sowilo rune and one reversed black sowilo rune (as in the Black Sun). These two runes (binding to form one Odal rune) represent the balance of Light and Dark. It can also represent Baldeag (Baldur) and Hod as gods of light and dark. Hod again refers to the hood or darkness - remember Hod is also blind.

As an archetype of the Hooded Man, many Wodenists use the figure of Robin Hood to symbolise the son of Woden who holds the two forces in balance. The name Robin comes Robert which means Roth-Beorht (meaning Fame-Bright) which is the light, and Hood which is a kenning for the dark. 

As heathens we always seek to find a balance is life. As many apsects of life seem dominated by the conflict of opposites, such as night and day, darkness and light, life and death, left and right etc. - we always seek to balance these forces of influence so that we always remain on a true path. This worldview makes our faith very different to christians who only seek the light, and satanists, who only seek the dark. Both are unbalanced - both are alien to our worldview.

The power of light and the power of darkness will be strong within him - 
and the guilty shall tremble.

(Woden's Folk quote)